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Lessons learned from Ukraine elections — Research Saturday 2019-04-06
Crooks use Facebook, too. Congress asks FEMA for an explanation. Card skimmers in Mexico. 2019-04-05
Keeping Winnti out of the goods while keeping an eye on them. GlitchPOS malware. What do apps want? Third-party Facebook data exposure. Digital hygiene. A scareware scam. 2019-04-04
For OceanLotus, a picture is worth a thousand words (or at least a few lines of loader code). Georgia Tech breached. Mounties raid offices associated with Orcus RAT. 2019-04-03
Ransomware deletes dupes. Exodus scandal grows in Italy. Election reports from Ukraine and Israel. 2019-04-02
Patch Magento soon. Toyota hacked again. Exodus spyware hits app stores. Moscow seeks to corral VPN providers. Facebook wants regulation. Swatting sentence. Phishing tackle in Nigeria. 2019-04-01
Bonus Episode: The grugq illuminates influence operations 2019-03-31
Alarming vulnerabilities in automotive security systems — Research Saturday 2019-03-30
Russian information operations, and lessons on election security from the Near Abroad. Magneto proof-of-concept exploit. Huawei, security, and bugs. Training AI. Labor market news. 2019-03-29
Gustuff is out and after Android devices. Microsoft takes down Phosphorus. Elfin is working for Tehran. Russian cyber troops come to help Venezuela’s Chavistas. Guilty plea expected in Martin case. 2019-03-28
State cyber-espionage. Influence operations and coordinated inauthenticity. Add Lucky Elephant to the menagerie. ASUS supply chain updates. Notes on Norsk Hydro’s recovery. Reactions to the Mueller Report. 2019-03-27
More on ASUS supply chain backdoor. FEMA data mishandling. LockerGoga ransomware. Mueller report responses. 2019-03-26
Mueller finds no evidence of Russia collusion. ISIS no longer holds any ground. LockerGoga hits chemical plants. FEMA fumbles PII. Cyber 9/12. PewDiePie versus T-Series. 2019-03-25
Ryuk ransomware relationship revelations — Research Saturday 2019-03-23
Finland’s data protection authority investigates suspicious smartphone activity. GitHub repos are leaking keys. Cardiac devices can be hacked. 2019-03-22
Russian APTs target EU governments. FIN7 is back. Google and Facebook scammed. 2019-03-21
Norsk Hydro recovers from LockerGoga infection. Cyber conflict, cyber deterrence, and an economic case for security. EU out of compliance with GDPR? Big Tech in court. Thoughts on courtship. 2019-03-20
LockerGoga hits Norse Hydro. Mirai botnet malware gets an update. The DHS is concerned about cybersecurity. 2019-03-19
Online content and terrorism. Huawei’s shifting strategy. Venezuela’s grid failure is explicable by corruption and incompetence--no hacking or sabotage required. Gnostiplayers are back. AI and evil. 2019-03-18
ThinkPHP exploit from Asia-Pacific region goes global — Research Saturday 2019-03-16

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