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US National Security Advisor to be replaced. Stealth Falcon’s new backdoor. DDoS, social engineering investigations proceed. Exfiltrating an agent. Patch Tuesday notes. 2019-09-10
BEC attack pulls millions from car parts company. Wikipedia DDoS. NERC and FERC on grid hacking. Trolling Pyongyang. Mike Hammer goes to the DMV. 2019-09-09
VOIP phone system harbors decade-old vulnerability. — Research Saturday 2019-09-07
China hacks to track. Turning the enemy’s weapons against them? Notes from the Billington CyberSecurity Summit. Anti-trust investigations for Facebook and, probably, Google. 2019-09-06
Scraped data found gurgling around in an unsecured third-party database. Ransomware and election security. Spy in your pocket? (Probably not.) Guilty plea in the Satori case. 2019-09-05
Ransomware, Bitcoin, underwriters, and the bandit economy. OTA provisioning could lead to subtle phishing. Alleged spammers indicted. ZAO flashes and flickers out, for now. 2019-09-04
Stuxnet’s story. Watering hole was designed to attract China’s Muslim minority. USBAnywhere affects some Supermicro servers. Twitter’s CEO has his Twitter stream hijacked. 2019-09-03
Emotet's updated business model — Research Saturday 2019-08-31
Watering hole for iPhones. Dental record service hit with ransomware. Huawei reportedly under investigation for IP theft. “erratic” faces cryptojacking charges. Farewell to a Bletchley Wren. 2019-08-30
Cyberattacks and intelligence trade-offs. TrickBot’s new interests. Fancy Bear versus machine learning. Facebook looks for more ad transparency. Retadup take-down. 2019-08-29
LYCEUM active against Middle Eastern energy-sector targets. LinkedIn used to recruit spies. Autonomous car expert indicted. Imperva exposure. VPN software patches. AI writes. 2019-08-28
Hostinger resets passwords after an intrusion. Social media fraud. Notes on RATs and ransomware. Free decryptor for Syrk. Hedge funds go bananas. 2019-08-27
BioWatch info potentially exposed. Scammers indicted. Ukrainian cryptojacking exposed sensitive data. Social engineering notes. Boo birds and lawsuits. Data use and privacy. Low-earth orbit hack. 2019-08-26
Gift card bots evolve and adapt — Research Saturday 2019-08-24
Google takes down YouTube influence operation. Cryptomining in a nuclear plant. Spyware in the Google Play Store. 2019-08-23
North Korean and Chinese cyber espionage. Updates on Texas ransomware. Steam zero-day released. 2019-08-22
China criticizes Twitter and Facebook. Silence expands internationally. A popular Ruby library was backdoored. 2019-08-21
Chinese information operations on Twitter and Facebook. iOS jailbreak released. Adult websites leak information. 2019-08-20
ISIS claims Kabul massacre. Huawei gets a temporary break. Texas governments hit by ransomware. Hy-Vee warns of point-of-sale attack. 2019-08-19
Detecting dating profile fraud — Research Saturday 2019-08-17

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