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Title Date published
Nuisance-level hacktivism. Ongoing cyberespionage and cybercriminal campaigns. EU unhappy with Russia’s hacking the Bundestag. CISA has a new cybersecurity resource. 2020-06-04
Slacktivism and vandalism in a time of unrest. Ransomware operators continue to evolve. Email voting. Looking up how-to-guides to cybercrime during social isolation. 2020-06-03
Current forms of hacktivism, misinformation, and disinformation. More recommendations from the Cyberspace Solarium. Fraud accompanies Test and Trace. 2020-06-02
Cyberattacks and hacktivism around Minnesota’s unrest. Amtrak breach. Port scanning. Some lessons from the pandemic. 2020-06-01
Extending security tools to the at home workforce during the pandemic. [Research Saturday] 2020-05-31
Twofold snooping venture. [Research Saturday] 2020-05-30
Sandworm is out and about, so patch already. Steganography used in attacks on industrial targets. An Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship. Breaches, ransomware, and lessons. 2020-05-29
Hackers for hire. A bulk power distribution risk? An Executive Order on social media is under consideration. COVID-19 and cybersecurity. 2020-05-28
Berserk Bear is back, and still loves that critical infrastructure honey. COVID-19 apps: good, bad, and bogus. Android issues discovered. A FIN7 arrest. Mr. Faraday’s underwear. 2020-05-27
The evolution of malware, both criminal and state-run. 2020-05-26
Naming and shaming is the worst thing we can do. [Research Saturday] 2020-05-23
An election database leaks. Phishing from Firebase. Shiny Hunters sell Mathway user records. COVID-19-themed scams. On that return to the office thing... 2020-05-22
Cyberwar, cybercrime, and hacktivism: updates on all three. Contact tracing and its discontents. Cybersecurity economic trends during the pandemic. 2020-05-21
Cyber espionage: many operations and many targets. Misinformation and online fraud during the pandemic. Beer and conviviality versus operational security. 2020-05-20
Cyber conflict in the Middle East. EasyJet breached. More errors than exploits. The Dark Web during the pandemic. 5G misinformation. REvil updates. 2020-05-19
Supercomputers as cryptomining rigs. UK grid operator recovers from hack. EU Parliament data exposure. REvil ransomware gang promises dirty laundry. US-China conflict. Catphishing. 2020-05-18
Gangnam Industrial Style APT campaign targets South Korea. [Research Saturday] 2020-05-16
Malware versus air-gapped systems. Ransomware against utilities and hospitals. Lessons for cybersecurity from the pandemic response. Outlaw blues. 2020-05-15
ARCHER incident. Contact tracing smishing. Malware vs. air gaps. A surcharge for deletion. Anti-creepware. 5G coronavirus delusions. 2020-05-14
More data theft by ransomware. Patch Tuesday notes. Espionage and possible data corruption against COVID-19 researchers. Be a role model for your AI. 2020-05-13

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