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Title Date published
A cyber espionage campaign is to use DNS hijacking. More observations on l’affaire Bezos. Operation Night Fury versus e-commerce hackers. Farewell to Clayton Christensen. 2020-01-27
Hank Thomas and Mike Doniger, getting the specs on the cyber SPAC [Special Editions] 2020-01-26
Know Thine Enemy - Identifying North American Cyber Threats. [Research Saturday] 2020-01-25
PupyRAT is back. So is the Konni Group. Twitter storm over claims that MBS hacked Jeff Bezos. Anti-disinformaiton laws considered. Canada is ready to impose costs on cyber attackers. 2020-01-24
Phishing with a RAT in the Gulf. More on how Jeff Bezos was hacked. Microsoft discloses data exposure. Ransomware continues to dump data. Windows 7, already back from the great beyond. 2020-01-23
The UN takes up a case of spyware; it’s linked to an extrajudicial killing. Glenn Greenwald indicted on hacking charges in Brazil. NetWire and StarsLord are back. 2020-01-22
RATs, backdoors, and a remote code execution zero-day. Hoods breach Mitsubishi Electric. Telnet credentials dumped. 2020-01-21
Clever breaches demonstrate IoT security gaps. [Research Saturday] 2020-01-18
Hacks, and rumors of hacks. Burisma incident under investigation. SharePoint exploitation. How to spark a run on a bank. WeLinkInfo taken down. Phishbait update. 2020-01-17
Curveball proofs-of-concept. CISA warns chemical industry. Military families harassed online. Phishing the UN. Fleeceware in the Play Store. Moscow says there was no Burisma hack. 2020-01-16
Disclosure, patching, and warning. Norway takes on “out-of-control” data sharing by dating apps. Ransomware all-in on doxing. What to do about Huawei. 2020-01-15
Microsoft patches a vulnerability NSA disclosed. Fronting for APT40 in Hainan. Fancy Bear pawed at Burisma. The NSA Pensacola shooting and the debate over encryption. 2020-01-14
Cyber tensions and cyberwar. China’s influence ops against Taiwan apparently backfire. Maze gang goes for doxing. SIM swapping. FBI promises FISA Court it will do better. 2020-01-13
Profiling the Linken Sphere anti-detection browser. [Research Saturday] 2020-01-11
Updates on US-Iranian tensions, and especially on hacktivism and possible power grid battlespace preparation. Researchers complain of preinstalled malware said to be in discount Android phones. 2020-01-10
Cyber alert remains high as the US-Iranian confrontation cools. Information ops, wipers, and energy sector targeting. 2020-01-09
No major Iranian cyberattacks against the US so far, as both sides appear interested in cooling off. The Cyber Solarium offers a preview of its coming report on US cyber strategy. 2020-01-08
No more Iranian cyberattacks since the minor weekend vandalism, but the US Government advises all to look to their defenses. Fancy Bear is the usual suspect in Austria. A guilty plea by an insider threat. 2020-01-07
Sequelae of the US Reaper strike against the Quds Force commander. Warnings of Iranian retaliation, with an emphasis on cyberspace. Espionage in Austria, and a second look at an LSE outage. 2020-01-06
Escalation in the Gulf as a US air strike kills Iran’s Quds commander. Travelex and RavnAir continue their recovery from cyberattacks. Taiwan’s memes against misinformation. 2020-01-03

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