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Title Date published
Secondary Infektion may be back, and interested in UK elections. Quantum Dragon. FaceApp risks. PyXie RAT in the wild. An Ethereum developer is charged with helping North Korea evade sanctions. 2019-12-03
ANSSI considering retaliation for ransomware attack. MixCloud breached. Imminent Monitor shut down. 2019-12-02
Peter W. Singer author of LikeWar [Special Editions] 2019-11-30
John Maeda author of How to Speak Machine [Special Editions] 2019-11-29
Phishing, cryptojacking, and commodity malware. New supply chain security measures. And have you heard about this Black Friday thing? 2019-11-27
Potentially malicious SDKs draw cease-and-desist letters. Nursing homes get ransom demands. A look back at the Sony Pictures hack. CISA offers advice on safe online shopping. 2019-11-26
Arrest by algorithm. Dangers of data enrichment. Golden Falcon in Kazakhstan. FCC vs. Huawei and ZTE. Internet sovereignty. Chuckling Squad popped for Twitter caper. Other crime and punishment. 2019-11-25
Mustang Panda leverages Windows shortcut files. [Research Saturday] 2019-11-23
Sandworm in Google Play. Internet sovereignty. Bogus accounts on LInkedIn. Pupil becomes teacher. Six-year sentence for DDoS. Big bug bounty at Google. Ransomware updates. Pegasus inquest. 2019-11-22
Refined Kitten paws at ICS. Debunking BlueKeep rumors. FBI warns Detroit of cyber threats. The UN’s long deliberation over cybercrime. Cryptowars. 5G security and a 5G czar. Ransomware updates. 2019-11-21
Louisiana works to recover from Monday’s ransomware attack. Gekko Group sustains a massive data exposure. US student charged with coding for ISIS. 2019-11-20
Ransomware recovery in Louisiana. DPRK phishing for aerospace jobseekers? Cybercrime campaigns. Notes on current legal matters. 2019-11-19
Disney+ credentials hacked. Kudankulam reassurance. Chinese, Iranian documents leak. Iran and Venezuela restrict Internet access. Russia proposes Internet control treaty. Hacktivist notes. 2019-11-18
Sodinokibi aka REvil connections to GandCrab. [Research Saturday] 2019-11-16
Pemex ransomware update. Spearphishing with spoofed government phishbait. Trojan two-fer. AntiFrigus ransomware avoids C-drive files. BLE bug. DataTribe’s annual Challenge. 2019-11-15
PureLocker ransomware. APT33 update. Hong Kong and information war, in the courts and on PornHub. Facebook content takedowns. Alleged criminals prepare to face the court. 2019-11-14
NAM hacked during US-China trade tensions. DDoS against British political parties. Pemex recovers from ransomware. Project Nightingale gets US Federal scrutiny. Patch notes. 2019-11-13
Labour Party reports a cyberattack. What the Lazarus Group is up to. Platinum adds a quiet backdoor. Buran competes on price. PCI DSS compliance falling. Ahoy, Yantar. 2019-11-12
Andy Greenberg from WIRED on his book "Sandworm." [Special Editions] 2019-11-11
Monitoring the growing sophistication of PKPLUG. [Research Saturday] 2019-11-09

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