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Title Date published
More on ASUS supply chain backdoor. FEMA data mishandling. LockerGoga ransomware. Mueller report responses. 2019-03-26
Mueller finds no evidence of Russia collusion. ISIS no longer holds any ground. LockerGoga hits chemical plants. FEMA fumbles PII. Cyber 9/12. PewDiePie versus T-Series. 2019-03-25
Ryuk ransomware relationship revelations — Research Saturday 2019-03-23
Finland’s data protection authority investigates suspicious smartphone activity. GitHub repos are leaking keys. Cardiac devices can be hacked. 2019-03-22
Russian APTs target EU governments. FIN7 is back. Google and Facebook scammed. 2019-03-21
Norsk Hydro recovers from LockerGoga infection. Cyber conflict, cyber deterrence, and an economic case for security. EU out of compliance with GDPR? Big Tech in court. Thoughts on courtship. 2019-03-20
LockerGoga hits Norse Hydro. Mirai botnet malware gets an update. The DHS is concerned about cybersecurity. 2019-03-19
Online content and terrorism. Huawei’s shifting strategy. Venezuela’s grid failure is explicable by corruption and incompetence--no hacking or sabotage required. Gnostiplayers are back. AI and evil. 2019-03-18
ThinkPHP exploit from Asia-Pacific region goes global — Research Saturday 2019-03-16
Terror, announced and celebrated online. JavaScript sniffer afflicts e-commerce sites. Cryptojacking in the cloud. Perspectives on regulation, thoughts on a pervasive IoT. China’s IP protection law. 2019-03-15
Indonesian election security. Watering hole in Pakistani passport site. RAT hunting. “Intelligence brute-forcing.” Just-patched zero-day exploited. PoS DGA attack. Operation Sheep. BND advises “nein” to Huawei. 2019-03-14
Election security and influence operations. Hacking the Fleet. Undersea cable competition. 5G worries. Calls to rein in Big Tech. UN report outlines North Korean cyber crime (there’s a lot of it). 2019-03-13
Venezuela power blackout updates. Social media and social control. Trojanized games. Free decryptor out for ransomware strain. Ads on Facebook. A look at 30 years of the web. 2019-03-12
Allegations and information operations. Iridium group may have compromised Citrix. Sino-American trade and security conflicts continue. Fashions in trolling. 2019-03-11
Job-seeker exposes banking network to Lazurus Group — Research Saturday 2019-03-09
Chinese influence campaigns. Egyptian spear phishing. Hundreds of million email records exposed. 2019-03-08
Scope of APT33 attacks revealed. GandCrab criminals shift tactics. Slub malware uses Slack. 2019-03-07
5G worries. Whitefly vs. SingHealth. Speculative execution bug. 2019-03-06
India hacks back. Rob Joyce discusses cyber conflict. Chinese hackers look for maritime technologies. Google reveals a macOS vulnerability. 2019-03-05
Operation Sharpshooter. Canada begins extradition process. Huawei will sue the US. Facebook’s global lobbying practices revealed. Visitor management systems are vulnerable. 2019-03-04

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