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Patch Exchange already, will ya? GoldenSpy lurks in tax software Chinese banks prefer their foreign clients to use. Magecart gets cleverer. Another unsecured AWS S3 bucket, and this one’s not funny. 2020-06-26
Big big DDoS. Evolving malware families. (More) privacy by default. A superseding indictment in the US case against Julian Assange. The EU reviews two years of GDPR. 2020-06-25
BlueLeaks updates and fallout. Hidden Cobra hunt. Hacking leads to trade wars. What the crooks are watching, from their home and yours. 2020-06-24
Hacking attends international conflicts and disputes in India, Australia, and Ethiopia. US designates four Chinese media outlets foreign missions. Sodinokibi evolves; Evil Corps rises from its virtual grave. 2020-06-23
BlueLeaks hacktivists dump police files online. NSO Group back in the news. COVID-19 apps and databases versus privacy. Cyber conflict: China versus India and Australia. An alt-coin baron’s story. 2020-06-22
Superhero origin stories and lessons that last. 2020-06-21
Click here to update your webhook. 2020-06-20
Australia warns of a large-scale espionage campaign. China indicts two long-detained Canadians. And the Lazarus Group may be about to undertake a widespread COVID-19-themed fraud effort. 2020-06-19
Cyber support for a kinetic conflict. Cyberespionage. Spyware in Chrome extensions. Criminal phishing bypasses defenses. Proposed revisions to Section 230. Zoom and encryption. 2020-06-18
Ripple20 flaws in the IoT supply chain. Operation In(ter)ception looks for intelligence, and cash, too. Sino-Indian tensions. A look at Secondary Infektion. How not to influence reviewers. 2020-06-17
Cyberespionage and counterespionage. The DDoS that never was. A very strange case of cyberstalking. And leaky niche dating sites. 2020-06-16
ActionSpy Android spyware deployed against Uyghurs in Tibet. Anonymous claims an action against Atlanta PD. Security vendor or malware purveyor? Spelling counts. 2020-06-15
The mark of making a difference. 2020-06-14
The value of the why and the who. 2020-06-13
Chinese, Russian, and Turkish domestic influence campaigns. Zoom’s China troubles. Honda, Enil recover from Ekans. Ransomware attacks against a city and an M&A consultancy. 2020-06-12
Gamaredon ups its crazy game. Doxing during unrest. Bogus contact-tracing apps spread spyware. Thanos in the ransomware market. Crypto Wars notes. Another 419 scam. 2020-06-11
A big Patch Tuesday. Honda ransomware update. Facebook helped the FBI with a zero-day. Cloud service outages. Breach settlements. BellTroX explains itself, sort of. 2020-06-10
Tracking down hackers-for-hire. SNAKE ransomware bites Honda. Anti-DDoS for criminal markets. And a menu for cyber contraband. 2020-06-09
Regional rivals jostle in cyberspace. Election interference and vulnerable online voting. Phishing for a competitive advantage. Reducing dependence on foreign companies for infrastructure. 2020-06-08
Ask more people to dance. 2020-06-07

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