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Title Date published
Keeping data confidential with fully homomorphic encryption. [Research Saturday] 2021-03-13
Ransomware enters vulnerable Exchange Servers through the backdoor. REvil is out and active. SolarWinds and control systems. Molson Coors responds to a cyber incident. 2021-03-12
More Exchange Server exploitation, and security advice. Updates on the SolarWinds compromise, criminal TTPs, and the Verkada hack. And news not you, but your friends might be able to use. 2021-03-11
Patching, with special attention to Hafnium and the rest. Responding to the SolarWinds incident. Hactivists don’t like cameras. Dragnet in the Low Countries. 2021-03-10
Dealing with Hafnium’s work against Microsoft Exchange Server and Holiday Bear’s visit to the SolarWinds supply chain. A plea for OSINT, and some wins for the cyber cops. 2021-03-09
Exploitation of Exchange Server spreads rapidly across the globe. The US mulls its response to Russia over the SolarWinds compromise (and to China over Exchange Server hacks). 2021-03-08
Stephen Hamilton: Getting the mission to the next level. [Military] [Career Notes] 2021-03-07
Diving deep into North Korea's APT37 tool kit. [Research Saturday] 2021-03-06
SUNSHUTTLE backdoor described. What the Exchange Server campaign was after. Misconfigured clouds. Airline IT service provided attacked. Criminal-on-criminal crime. 2021-03-05
Happy Slam the Scam Day. Indian authorities continue to investigate grid incidents. CISA tells US Federal agencies to clean up Exchange bugs by noon tomorrow. Supply chain compromise. 2021-03-04
RedEcho under investigation (amid reassurances). Stopping Operation Exchange Marauder. Containing Ursnif. Cyber proliferation. And another round in the Crypto Wars. 2021-03-03
India investigates the possibility of cybersabotage. Walls are opaque to defenders, too. Recommendations for cyber nonproliferation. SolarWinds updates (with an SEC appearance). 2021-03-02
“RedEcho’s”activity in India’s power grid is described. US report on Khashoggi murder declassified SolarWinds compromise inquiry updates. Ill-intentioned SEO. President’s Cup winner announced. 2021-03-01
Aarti Borkar: Make your own choices. [Product} [Career Notes] 2021-02-28
Shining a light on China's cyber underground. [Research Saturday] 2021-02-27
Oxford lab studying the COVID-19 virus is hacked. Zoom impersonation campaign. Senators would’ve liked to have heard from Amazon about Solorigate. NSA likes zero trust. NIST IoT guidelines. 2021-02-26
PLA spyware keeps Tibetans under surveillance. Cyber conflict between Ukraine and Russia, some conventionally criminal, other state-directed. US Executive Order addresses supply chain resilience. 2021-02-25
Accellion FTA compromise spreads. Ocean Lotus is back. LazyScripter seems to represent a new threat group. Notes from the SolarWinds hearings. New ICS threat actors. 2021-02-24
DDoS in hybrid war. Accellion compromise attributed. Initial access brokers. Agile C2 for botnets. US Senate’s SolarWinds hearing. US DHS cyber strategy. Shiny new phishbait. 2021-02-23
Facebook takes down Myanmar military page. Chinese cyberespionage and cloned Equation Group tools. Supply chain compromises. Threat trends. 2021-02-22

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