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Title Date published
Four cybersecurity novels to distract you from the current zombie apocalypse. 2020-04-20
Complementary colors: teaming tactics in cybersecurity. 2020-04-19
How low can they go? A spike in Coronavirus phishing. 2020-04-18
Warnings on healthcare attacks and espionage campaigns. Post-patching issues in VPNs. COVID-19 phishing. Contact tracing, for lungs and minds. Telework notes. 2020-04-17
US warns of DPRK cyber activity. Replacing Huawei. COVID-19-themed cybercrime and state-directed activity. Telework notes. 2020-04-16
Energetic Bear lands at SFO. Windpower utility hit with RagnarLocker ransomware. COVID-19-themed threats. Telework advice. Zooming. 2020-04-15
The online stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic. APT41’s backdoor campaign. Contact-tracking and privacy. Virtual court is now in online session. Zoom’s fortunes. And tax-season online fraud. 2020-04-14
Ill-received pranks. SFO breach. Silicon Valley cooperates on contact tracking. COVID-19 disinformation and scams. Notes on ransomware and booter services. 2020-04-13
Alexa, are you actually self-aware? (And, does it matter?) 2020-04-13
Profiling an audacious Nigerian cybercriminal. 2020-04-11
That odd and bogus 5G meme. Malvertising. Data breach hits Pakistani mobile users. xHelper update. Data privacy and data utility. COVID-19 and cybersecurity. 2020-04-10
Operation Pinball. Implausibly spoofed, not really official, COVID-19 emails. CISA updates US Federal telework guidance. ICO defers some big GDPR fines. Zoom agonistes. Fleeceware in Apple’s store. 2020-04-09
Joint UK-US warning on COVID-19-themed cyber threats. Disinformation in the subcontinent. Public and private apps with privacy issues. A new IoT botnet. APT notes. Frontiers in biometrics. 2020-04-08
Trends in COVID-19-themed cybercrime. Social media seek to inhibit the misinformation pandemic. Corp[dot] off the market. BEC in cloud services. Investment notes. Big big fraud. 2020-04-07
COVID-19 updates: crime, propaganda, and craziness. (Also telework.) BGP hijacking. DarkHotel sighting. Apps behaving badly. And a risk of sim-swapping. 2020-04-06
Your Security Stack is Moving: SASE is Coming. 2020-04-06
A rough year ahead for ransomware attacks - and how to stop them. 2020-04-04
Cybersecurity notes during the pandemic emergency. Twitter bots. Ransomware attack on a biotech firm. WHO updates. And how are the cyber gangs doing these days? 2020-04-03
WHO email accounts prospected. Mandrake versus Android users. Vollgar versus MS-SQL servers. Ransomware and hospitals. Notes on the effects of COVID-19, and a disinformation campaign. 2020-04-02
More data breaches. DPRK spearphishing. DoJ IG sees problems in FISA warrant processes. Houseparty updates. Huawei sanctions. And notes about the pandemic. 2020-04-01

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