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Observations on the Mueller Report. Doxing Iranian intelligence. Insecure messaging. Old Excel macros. Wipro hack and gift cards. 2019-04-19
Mueller Report is out. Sea Turtle DNS-manipulation campaign. Over-privileged and under-honest apps kicked out of Google Play. Facebook has another privacy incident. Fraud and destruction. 2019-04-18
Spearphishing from “Luhansk.” Pro-Assange hacktivism. Another undercover private eye? Pirated Game of Thrones episodes carry malware. 2019-04-17
Fraud will follow fire, alas. Wipro compromise. DDoS in Ecuador. Brazil’s hacker underground. Selling a keylogger. Facebook and data. EU copyright law. Huawei’s prospects. Fact-checkin’, fer real. 2019-04-16
ISIS inspiration in exile. Facebook’s Sunday outage. A Microsoft IE bug, and a web-mail breach. Issues with VPNs. Last minute tax scams. Oculus Easter eggs. 2019-04-15
The ghost and the mole; Eric O'Neill's Gray Day — Special Edition 2019-04-14
Establishing software root of trust unconditionally — Research Saturday 2019-04-13
Mr. Assange’s courthouse future(s). Dragonblood Wi-Fi vulnerabilities. Tax fraud and identity theft dark web souks. 2019-04-12
Julian Assange is out of the embassy and in custody. Pyongyang’s HOPLIGHT. Operations SneakyPastes. Incident response planning blues. High school jam. 2019-04-11
The Triton actor seems to be back. Project TajMahal is after diplomatic secrets. California’s motor-voter program and a DMV hack. 2019-04-10
GossipGirl, the supra threat actor. LockerGoga’s destructive functionality. More hacking allegations out of Caracas. Revolutionary Guard now a designated terrorist group. Creepy crime. 2019-04-09
US DHS Secretary Nielsen resigns. Credential stuffing campaigns. Cryptojacking disrupts a business. A duty of care, online. Tax season scams. 2019-04-08
Lessons learned from Ukraine elections — Research Saturday 2019-04-06
Crooks use Facebook, too. Congress asks FEMA for an explanation. Card skimmers in Mexico. 2019-04-05
Keeping Winnti out of the goods while keeping an eye on them. GlitchPOS malware. What do apps want? Third-party Facebook data exposure. Digital hygiene. A scareware scam. 2019-04-04
For OceanLotus, a picture is worth a thousand words (or at least a few lines of loader code). Georgia Tech breached. Mounties raid offices associated with Orcus RAT. 2019-04-03
Ransomware deletes dupes. Exodus scandal grows in Italy. Election reports from Ukraine and Israel. 2019-04-02
Patch Magento soon. Toyota hacked again. Exodus spyware hits app stores. Moscow seeks to corral VPN providers. Facebook wants regulation. Swatting sentence. Phishing tackle in Nigeria. 2019-04-01
Bonus Episode: The grugq illuminates influence operations 2019-03-31
Alarming vulnerabilities in automotive security systems — Research Saturday 2019-03-30

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