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Title Date published
James Hadley: Spend time on what interests you. [CEO] [Career Notes] 2020-11-22
Misconfigured identity and access management (IAM) is much more widespread. [Research Saturday] 2020-11-21
Prime Minister Johnson tells Parliament about the National Cyber Force. Vietnam squeezes Facebook. Chinese cyberespionage. SEO poisoning. Printing ransom notes. CISA leadership. 2020-11-20
Haunted virtual meetings. AWS APIs share vulnerabilities. US Intelligence Community conducts a post mortem on 2020 foreign election interference. Meet the future (a lot like the present, only moreso). 2020-11-19
Dream a FunnyDream of me. US CISA Director dismissed. Facebook, Twitter CEOs virtually visit the US Senate. Huawei CFO extradition update. Bad passwords. 2020-11-18
Hidden Cobra’s new tricks. Notes from the criminal underground. Draft EU data transfer regulations. And the coming ape-man disinformation. 2020-11-17
Cyberespionage and international norms of conduct in cyberspace. DarkSide establishes storage options for its affiliates. TroubleGrabber in Discord. Unapplied patches. 2020-11-16
Malek Ben Salem: Taking those challenges. [R&D] [Career Notes] 2020-11-15
That first CVE was a fun find, for sure. [Research Saturday] 2020-11-14
CISA offers its assessment (high) of US election security. An alleged GRU front media group is fingered. Notes on cybercrime, and one cheap proof-of-concept. 2020-11-13
An overview of threat actors, two proofs of concept, and an IoT botnet bothers the cloud. Patch Tuesday notes. And control yourself, sir. 2020-11-12
remote access Trojan or RAT (noun) [Word Notes] 2020-11-11
shadow IT (noun) [Word Notes] 2020-11-11
A look at what’s up in some of the criminal markets. The continued resilience of TrickBot. What you can buy for $155,000. 2020-11-10
Supply chain security. New cyberespionage from OceanLotus. Data breaches expose customer information. And GCHQ has had quite enough of this vaccine nonsense, thank you very much. 2020-11-09
Richard Clarke: From presidential inspiration to cybersecurity policy pioneer. [Policy] [Career Notes] 2020-11-08
PoetRAT: a complete lack of operational security. [Research Saturday] 2020-11-07
IRGC domains taken down. A look at 2021’s threatscape. Russia says its didn’t do anything (others see Bears.) Forfeiture of Silk Road’s hitherto unaccounted for billion-plus dollars. 2020-11-06
CISA’s happy but still wary. Election-themed criminal malspam. New ransomware goes after VMs. Why it makes no sense to trust extortionists. 2020-11-05
US elections: CISA calls security success, but reminds all that it’s not over yet. Notes from the cyber underground. Two more indictments in cyberstalking case. 2020-11-04

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