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Ransomware updates. Lazarus Group’s new Trojan. IoT insecurity. Exploiting older versions of WhatsApp. Mr. Assange’s extradition. Door kick in IP beef. Someone naughty’s still running XP. 2019-12-17
Iran says it stopped a cyber espionage campaign by China’s APT27. India closes the Internet in two states. Ransomware in Louisiana and New Jersey. National Security Letters. 2019-12-16
Special Edition — Capturing the flag at NXTWORK 2019 2019-12-15
WAV files carry malicious data payloads. — Research Saturday 2019-12-14
Phishing for credentials. Compromised Telegram accounts. Lateral movement. Crypto Wars updates. Data retention compliance. Iago did it for the lulz. 2019-12-13
False flags and attack kit hijacking. Maze ransomware in Pensacola. China’s own OS. Crypto Wars update. TrickBot phishing. And Krampus spoils Christmas. 2019-12-12
Hacking in Iran? The Lazarus Group hires Trickbot. Election influence ops. Cryptowars updata. Ransomware in municipal and tribal governments. Patch Tuesday notes. Do it for State. 2019-12-11
Pensacola under cyberattack. Notes on ransomware. The US Justice Department IG report on Crossfire Hurricane. Who let the bots out? 2019-12-10
Ocean Lotus versus car manufacturers. Ransomware versus dental practices. $5 million reward offered in Dridex case. Information operations and the UK’s general election. 2019-12-09
Targeting routers to hit gaming servers. — Research Saturday 2019-12-07
Facebook sues over ad fraud. Tampering with VPN connections. Russian disinformation in Lithuania. 2019-12-06
Data center ransomware. Third-party breach hits telco customers. Buran and Buer on the black market. The Great Canon opens fire. Russia trolls Lithuania. Big bad BEC. 2019-12-05
Lazarus Group interested in thorium reactors? Disinformation by phishing. ZeroCleare wiper in the wild. NATO addresses cyber conflict. NotPetya litigation. Black market takedown. 2019-12-04
Secondary Infektion may be back, and interested in UK elections. Quantum Dragon. FaceApp risks. PyXie RAT in the wild. An Ethereum developer is charged with helping North Korea evade sanctions. 2019-12-03
ANSSI considering retaliation for ransomware attack. MixCloud breached. Imminent Monitor shut down. 2019-12-02
Caveat 04 — Slowly awakening to the problems we face 2019-12-01
Special Edition — Peter W. Singer author of LikeWar 2019-11-30
Special Edition — John Maeda author of How to Speak Machine 2019-11-29
Phishing, cryptojacking, and commodity malware. New supply chain security measures. And have you heard about this Black Friday thing? 2019-11-27
Potentially malicious SDKs draw cease-and-desist letters. Nursing homes get ransom demands. A look back at the Sony Pictures hack. CISA offers advice on safe online shopping. 2019-11-26

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