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Title Date published
Using the human body as a wire-like communication channel. [Research Saturday] 2021-02-13
Alleged hardware backdoors, again. Selling game source code. ICS security, especially with respect to water utility cybersabotage. Don’t be the hacker’s valentine. 2021-02-12
Spyware in the Subcontinent. Notes on cyber fraud, cyber theft, and ransomware. The US gets a chief to lead response to Solorigate. Updates on the Florida water system cybersabotage. 2021-02-11
Paying for the bomb the 21st century way. Domestic Kitten’s international romp. Malware versus gamers. Patch Tuesday notes. An update on the Oldsmar water system cyber sabotage. 2021-02-10
Almost too much lye in the water, down Florida-way. BlackTech’s new malware strain. Huawei says it’s OK if the White House calls. 2021-02-09
A junta shuts down a nation’s data networks. Lessons from multi-domain ops against ISIS? SilentFade returns. Iran’s surveillance actors. Data breaches large and small. Company towns returning? 2021-02-08
Jason Clark: Challenge the way things are done. [Strategy] [Career Notes] 2021-02-07
In the clear: what it's like working as a woman in the cleared community. [Special Edition] 2021-02-07
"Follow the money" the cybersecurity way. [Research Saturday] 2021-02-06
Lazarus Group seems to have deployed an IE zero day. Electrobras discloses ransomware attack. TrickBot returns. Breaches at security companies. Russo-American get-to-know-you talks. 2021-02-05
Kubernetes clusters attacked. Home insecurity devices. Update on the supply chain incidents. Incomplete patches. Marque and reprisal? Ransomware notes. Class clowns and zoom-bombing. 2021-02-04
China gets in on the SolarWinds act. More SolarWinds vulnerabilities disclosed and patched. Abuse of lawful intercept tech in South Sudan. BEC phishes for gift cards. Parasitic card skimmer found. 2021-02-03
Coups d’état and Internet disruption. Cyberespionage in the supply chain, again. SonicWall zero day exploited in the wild. Tracking criminal infrastructure-as-a-service. Data breach in Washington State. 2021-02-02
Solorigate: targeting, collateral damage, or staging? The Cyberspace Solarium has some advice for US President Biden. URKI breach. British Mensa thinks over a data exposure. 2021-02-01
Kyla Guru: You are a key piece to our national security. [Education] [Career Notes] 2021-01-31
Security platforms vs best of breed point products: What should you deploy? [CyberWire-X] 2021-01-31
The Kimsuky group from North Korea expands spyware, malware and infrastructure. [Research Saturday] 2021-01-30
Lebanon Cedar’s wide-ranging cyberespionage campaign. Lazarus Group said to be behind the social engineering of vulnerability researchers. Solorigate spreads. Social media and the short squeeze. 2021-01-29
Advice on Supernova and encouragement to patch Sudo. NetWalker taken down. Influencers tighten a big short squeeze. And charges are brought in a 2016 case of alleged US voter suppression. 2021-01-28
Emotet takedown. Solorigate updates (and President Biden tells President Putin he’d like him to knock it off). Vulnerabilities and threats discovered and described. 2021-01-27

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