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Title Date published
Who's the third man in the Shadow Brokers leaks? ISIS diaspora means more ISIS online. Monero miner identified. Tizi backdoored apps booted from Google Play. Scarab ransomware. M&A notes. Indictments in IP theft. 2017-11-28
Breach disclosure: fast and slow. Mirai's minor comeback. Anti-ISIS Hacktivsts strike Amaq. North Koreans studying blockchain. Alleged Game of Thrones hacker indicted. 2017-11-27
Waiting for Terdot, a sneaky banking Trojan — Research Saturday 2017-11-25
The Right to Be Forgotten with Yale Law School's Tiffany Li 2017-11-22
Cyberspace in Peace and War author Martin C. Libicki 2017-11-21
PwC Principal Jocelyn Aqua on Earning Consumer Trust and Business 2017-11-20
Dark Net Pricing with Flashpoint's Liv Rowley — Research Saturday 2017-11-18
AWS S3 misconfigurations. Kaspersky's report on the Equation Group affair. Cybercrime notes. DPRK cyber campaigns. The VEP reviews continue positive. Amazon Key has issues. 2017-11-17
Revisions to the US VEP (and comparisons to China's). DPRK hacking. Laurel mole hunt. BlueBorne is back. Snakes in the Play Store. Can you sound like a child? 2017-11-16
Hidden Cobra's RATs. IoT bugs. Patch Tuesday notes. Backdoored smartphones. Russian trolling, propaganda. DPRK short wave hacked? 2017-11-15
Influence operations in Catalonia? IcedID banking Trojan. The Shadow Brokers: an intelligence service or a bunch of moles? Patch notes. 2017-11-14
Vault 8 and false-flag allegations. Mole hunting. Equifax breach costs. ISIS returns to WordPress defacements. RoK domestic political influence scandal. 2017-11-13
Taiwan Bank Heist and Lazurus Group with BAE's Adrian Nish — Research Saturday 2017-11-11
Macro-less malware. Metacriminals and botnet herders. Hacking ships and airliners. Cryptocurrency glitch. Congratulations to the SINET 16. 2017-11-09
Fancy Bear's new moves. OceanLotus and Sowbug cyber espionage groups active. Notes from CyCon, and a look at industry news. 2017-11-08
Stolen Paradise Papers aren't making people or companies look good. Off-year election security. Trollhunting. Notes on the future of cyber conflict from CyCon 2017. 2017-11-07
The Paradise Papers, tax avoidance, and quiet investments. Kaspersky affair updates. Retaliation against influence operations? 2017-11-06
Exploring Phishing Kits with Duo Security's Jordan Wright — Research Saturday 2017-11-04
BadRabbit misdirection? Fancy Bear's wish list. AWS misconfigurations. Data breach notes. 2017-11-03
The Manhattan terror suspect claims allegiance to ISIS, but ISIS hasn't claimed him. Crimeware notes. Patching news. Crypto wars update. What the Senate learned about info ops. 2017-11-02

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