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Title Date published
Warnings about the DPRK’s Kimsuky Group. Election security in the US during the endgame. Section 220 and Big Tech. Another guilty plea in the eBay-related cyberstalking case. 2020-10-28
Election phishing, without hook, but with line and sinker? Data breaches, and the importance of prompt disclosure. Misplaced hacktivist sympathy. 2020-10-27
Russian research institute sanctioned for its role in Triton/Trisis. Coordinated inauthenticity in Myanmar. Clean Network program update. Major data breach in Finland. 2020-10-26
Sal Aurigemma: How things work. [Education] [Career Notes] 2020-10-25
Just saying there are attacks is not enough. [Research Saturday] 2020-10-24
Energetic Bear’s battlespace preparation. Selling voter and consumer personal data. GRU, Qods Force sanctioned. How they knew that Iran dunnit. 2020-10-23
Recent email threats to US voters appear to be an Iranian operation. Notes on cyberespionage and influence operations. Hold the “blatant Russophobia,” TASS? 2020-10-22
TrickBot’s return is interrupted. Election rumor control. Supply chain security. Securing the Olympics. NSS Labs closes down. 2020-10-21
International cyberespionage: China and Russia versus the Five Eyes and others. Google faces an anti-trust suit. Abandonware. 2020-10-20
Influence operations and cyber probes of presidential campaigns. TrickBot’s recovery. Remote learning woes. Port facilities in Iran reported to have been targeted in cyberattacks. 2020-10-19
Rosa Smothers: Secure the planet. [Career Notes] 2020-10-18
Intentionally not drawing attention. [Research Saturday] 2020-10-17
Misdirection and redirection. Content moderation, influence operations, and Section 230. Money-laundering gang taken down. And no wolves in Nova Scotia. 2020-10-16
Disinformation, foreign and domestic. Content moderation, always harder than it seems. US Cyber Command’s defend forward doctrine. 2020-10-15
Cyber conflict and cyberespionage. Social engineering as a turnstile business. Inside a social engineering campaign. A warning about fraudulent unemployment claims. 2020-10-14
Suppressing Trickbot: cyber warfare and cyber lawfare. Chaining vulnerabilities. An intergovernmental call for backdoors in the aid of law enforcement. 2020-10-13
Rigging the game. [Caveat] 2020-10-12
Geoff White: Suddenly all of the pieces start to line up. [Career Notes] 2020-10-11
It's still possible to find ways to break out. [Research Saturday] 2020-10-10
A Parliamentary report alleges active Huawei cooperation with Chinese intelligence. Coordinated inauthenticity, mostly focused on domestic opinion. Guilty pleas from former eBayers. 2020-10-09

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