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Title Date published
ARCHER incident. Contact tracing smishing. Malware vs. air gaps. A surcharge for deletion. Anti-creepware. 5G coronavirus delusions. 2020-05-14
More data theft by ransomware. Patch Tuesday notes. Espionage and possible data corruption against COVID-19 researchers. Be a role model for your AI. 2020-05-13
Cyberwar looms in the Middle East? Hidden Cobra’s fangs described. Evasive Astaroth. Ransomware in Texas courts. COVID-19 espionage. Content moderation. 2020-05-12
Cyberattacks with kinetic consequences. Thunderspy and evil maids. Developing background to the US bulk power security executive order. Conspiracy theories and the culture of social media. 2020-05-11
Cybersecurity First Principles 2020-05-11
The U.S. campaign trail is actually quite secure. 2020-05-09
PLA cyber espionage, and training WeChat censorship algorithms against the Chinese diaspora. Snake is back, and so is Charming Kitten. Election security. Recruiting money mules. 2020-05-08
Mining Monero. A RAT in a 2FA app. The decline of the Cereal botnet. Markets during the pandemic. Ransomware in Taiwan. Twitter appeals to reason. 2020-05-07
Taking down coordinated inauthenticity. Contact tracing and other COVID-19 notes. BlackInfinity taken down. 2020-05-06
Bear hunt in the Bundestag. Kaiji botnet described. Cryptojacking. Joint US-UK warning against attacks on COVID-19 response. Contact tracing. Puppy scams. 2020-05-05
A state of emergency over bulk power in the States. Beijing’s disinformation about COVID-19, and its motivation for a coverup. Hacking biomedical research. Curious Xiaomi phones. 2020-05-04
Fingerprint authentication is not completely secure. 2020-05-02
China hacks at Vietnam over a territorial dispute. Kim’s still in charge, but could Hidden Cobra get loose if his grip slackens? COVID-19 and cybersecurity. 2020-05-01
The persistence of ransomware. Exposure notifications and contact tracing. Doxing and conspiracy theories. More notes on the underworld. 2020-04-30
Content farmers and disinformation tactics. PhantomLance: quiet, selective, and apparently effective. Lawful intercept and contact-tracing apps. A look at the black market. 2020-04-29
Shade shuts down. CLOP hits pharma. Medical research firm breached. The pain caused by disinformation. Mr. Kim goes downy ocean? 2020-04-28
Where’s Kim Jong-un? Disinformation campaigns against European targets. Cyberattack against wastewater treatment plants. Hupigon RAT is back. 2020-04-27
Contact tracing as COVID-19 aid. 2020-04-25
iOS zero-days, reconsidered. Hacking during a pandemic. An old campaign connected with the ShadowBrokers comes to light. Advice on web shells. Astroturfing and influence. 2020-04-24
APT32 activity reported. Florentine Banker’s patient BEC. iOS zero-days exploited in the wild. Sinkholing a cryptomining botnet. Intelligence services and gangs follow the news. 2020-04-23

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