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Title Date published
China gets in on the SolarWinds act. More SolarWinds vulnerabilities disclosed and patched. Abuse of lawful intercept tech in South Sudan. BEC phishes for gift cards. Parasitic card skimmer found. 2021-02-03
Coups d’état and Internet disruption. Cyberespionage in the supply chain, again. SonicWall zero day exploited in the wild. Tracking criminal infrastructure-as-a-service. Data breach in Washington State. 2021-02-02
Solorigate: targeting, collateral damage, or staging? The Cyberspace Solarium has some advice for US President Biden. URKI breach. British Mensa thinks over a data exposure. 2021-02-01
Kyla Guru: You are a key piece to our national security. [Education] [Career Notes] 2021-01-31
Security platforms vs best of breed point products: What should you deploy? [CyberWire-X] 2021-01-31
The Kimsuky group from North Korea expands spyware, malware and infrastructure. [Research Saturday] 2021-01-30
Lebanon Cedar’s wide-ranging cyberespionage campaign. Lazarus Group said to be behind the social engineering of vulnerability researchers. Solorigate spreads. Social media and the short squeeze. 2021-01-29
Advice on Supernova and encouragement to patch Sudo. NetWalker taken down. Influencers tighten a big short squeeze. And charges are brought in a 2016 case of alleged US voter suppression. 2021-01-28
Emotet takedown. Solorigate updates (and President Biden tells President Putin he’d like him to knock it off). Vulnerabilities and threats discovered and described. 2021-01-27
Pyongyang’s social engineering campaign to compromise vulnerability researchers. Anonymous is back? Workforce development. Cyber Force? Why not? 2021-01-26
The FSB warns Russian businesses to up their security game--the Americans are coming. SonicWall’s investigation of a possible cyberattack. DIA and commercial data brokers. OPC issues. Robota. 2021-01-25
Ben Yelin: A detour could be a sliding door moment. [Policy] [Career Notes] 2021-01-24
Trickbot may be down, but can we count it out? [Research Saturday] 2021-01-23
Implications of Solorigate’s circumspection. RBNZ cleans data sources. Gamarue in student laptops. Dodgy apps. Ransom DDoS surges. Securing the President’s Peloton. 2021-01-22
Solorigate’s stealthy, careful operators. LuckyBoy malvertising. BEC as reconnaissance? Remote work and leaky sites. And good riddance to the Joker’s Stash. 2021-01-21
More on that Solorigate threat actor, especially its non-SolarWinds activity. Chimera’s new target list. Executive Order on reducing IaaS exploitation. The case of the stolen laptop. 2021-01-20
EMA emails altered before release in apparent disinformation effort. Vishing rising. Another backdoor found in SolarWinds supply chain campaign. An arrest and a stolen laptop. 2021-01-19
Encore: You will pay for that one way or another. [Caveat] 2021-01-18
Ann Johnson: Trying to make the world safer. [Business Development] [Career Notes] 2021-01-17
Manufacturing sector is increasingly a target for adversaries. [Research Saturday] 2021-01-16

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