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Meltdown and Spectre, risks and mitigations. Aadhaar compromised. Blockchain bubbles. 2018-01-05
Meltdown and Spectre arose from engineering for speed—most chips are affected. Bogus security apps kicked out of Google Play. Iran's Internet crackdown. Indications of a guilty plea in NSA leak case. 2018-01-04
Iranian dissent takes to Tor. Iran cracks down on Internet services (and Infy gets busy). Kernel memory issue in Intel processors. macOS bug published. "Trackmageddon." Curating YouTube. Condolences to a SWATTING victim's family. 2018-01-03
ISIS claims responsibility for bombing in Russia. Iranian unrest involves Telegram, Instagram. Proposed FERC reporting standards. YouTube gone bad, and an arrest in a horrific swatting prank. 2018-01-02
Hunting the Sowbug — Research Saturday 2017-12-30
The German Cybersecurity Market with Gerald Hahn 2017-12-29
The CISO's changing role with Andrew Wild 2017-12-28
"Hacked Again" author Scott Schober 2017-12-27
Active defense and “hacking back" with Johnathan Braverman from Cymmetria 2017-12-26
Keyboys back in town — Research Saturday 2017-12-23
Updates on Triton ICS malware attack. DPRK and WannaCry. Cryptocurrency crime and an alt-coin market correction. Fancy Bear sightings. 2017-12-22
More data found exposed in an AWS S3 bucket. EtherDelta's DNS impersonation issue. DPRK says it doesn't hack. FISA Section 702 nears sunset. Wassenaar updated. Kaspersky says its due process rights have been violated. 2017-12-21
Pyongyang's snarling through cyberspace, and what others are doing about it. Coppersmith espionage campaign in the Middle East. GDPR approaches. Giving your kid a smartphone? 2017-12-20
North Korea officially blamed for WannaCry. US National Security Strategy and cyber. Hex Men are up to no good. Cryptocurrency crimes. Cyberespionage. Misconfigured printers. Bad passwords. 2017-12-19
Zealot and Monero mining. Bitfinex DDoS. Triton/Trisis shows risks of committing safety and control to the same systems. Bitcoin crime. M&A news. Hair of the dog. 2017-12-18
The unique culture of the Middle Eastern and North African underground — Research Saturday 2017-12-16
Internet shut down in Ethiopia. TRITON ICS malware updates. Security products patched. Cryptocurrency capers. 2017-12-15
Hacktivism threatened over embassy move. Significant probe of an industrial plant. That was no BGP error. TV blues. 2017-12-14
A look back at Patch Tuesday. Classic games on Android serve malware. Cryptocurrency speculation. Info ops updates. Phony hitmen. Guilty pleas in Mirai case. 2017-12-13
Catphishing for spies. Banking Trojans. Spider ransomware. CoinHive comes to Starbucks. SEC stops another ICO. BrickerBot retired? 2017-12-12

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