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Title Date published
Charming Kitten’s smishing and phishing. Solorigate updates. Supply chain attacks and the convergence of espionage and crime. Greed-bait. Ring patches bug. Best practices from NSA, CISA. 2021-01-15
SideWinder and South Asian cyberespionage. Project Zero and motivation to patch. CISA’s advice for cloud security. Classiscam in the criminal-to-criminal market. SolarLeaks misdirection? 2021-01-14
Looking for that threat actor “likely based in Russia.” SolarLeaks and a probably bogus offer of stolen files. Notes on Patch Tuesday. 2021-01-13
Cyberespionage campaign hits Colombia. New malware found in the SolarWinds incident. Mimecast certificates compromised. Ubiquiti tells users to reset passwords. Two wins for the good guys. 2021-01-12
More (ambiguous) evidence for attribution of Solorigate. CISA expands incident response advice. Inspiration, investigation, and deplatforming: notes from the Capitol Hill riot. 2021-01-11
Tom Gorup: Fail fast and fail forward. [Operations] [Career Notes] 2021-01-10
Emotet reemerges and becomes one of most prolific threat groups out there. [Research Saturday] 2021-01-09
The Solorigate cyberespionage campaign and sensitive corporate data. The cybersecurity implications of physical access during the Capitol Hill riot. Ransomware’s successful business model. 2021-01-08
CISA updates its alerts and directives concerning Solorigate as the investigation expands. Rioting, social media, and cybersecurity. 2021-01-07
Who worked through SolarWinds? An APT “likely Russian in origin,” says the US. Rattling backdoors, rifling cryptowallets, and asking victims if they’re ensured. No bail for Mr. Assange. 2021-01-06
It’s not Kates and Vals over Ford Island, but it’s not just a tourist under diplomatic cover taking pictures of Battleship Row, either. Another APT side hustle? To delist or not to delist. 2021-01-05
Threat actors were able to see Microsoft source code repositories. Zyxel closes a backdoor. Kawasaki discloses data exposure. Slack’s troubles. Julian Assange escapes extradition to the US. 2021-01-04
Ellen Sundra: Actions speak louder than words. [Engineering] [Career Notes] 2021-01-03
Encore: Unpacking the Malvertising Ecosystem. [Research Saturday] 2021-01-02
Andy Greenberg on the Sandworm Indictments. 2021-01-01
SOAR – a first principle idea. 2020-12-31
Security operations centers: around the Hash Table. 2020-12-30
Security operations centers: a first principle idea. 2020-12-29
Cybersecurity First Principles: DevSecOps. 2020-12-28
Encore: Selena Larson: The Green Goldfish and cyber threat intelligence. [Analyst] (Career Notes] 2020-12-27

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