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Title Date published
The SVR’s exploitation of the SolarWinds software supply chain proves a very damaging cyberespionage campaign. HPE zero-day. Report on China’s influence ops delayed. 2020-12-17
SolarWinds breach updates. Microsoft sinkholes Sunburst's C&C domain. Facebook takes down inauthentic networks. 2020-12-16
SolarWinds compromise scope grows clearer. DPRK’s Earth Kitsune. Google’s authentication issue. A look at the near future of cybersecurity. 2020-12-15
A few predictions, but today’s news is dominated by Cozy Bear’s supply chain attack on Solar Winds’ Orion Platform. 2020-12-14
Can public/private partnerships prevent a Cyber Pearl Harbor? [CyberWire-X] 2020-12-14
Andrea Little Limbago: Look at the intersection of the of humans and technology. [Social Science] [Career Notes] 2020-12-13
Following DOJ indictment, a look back on NotPetya and Olympic Destroyer research. [Research Saturday] 2020-12-12
OceanLotus tracked. Threats to K-12 distance education. Adrozek is credential-harvesting adware. MountLocker gains criminal affiliates. FCC acts against Chinese companies. CISA internships. 2020-12-11
Facebook faces anti-trust suit. COVID-19 vaccine cyberespionage. Emissary Panda spotting. SQL databases for sale. Notes on the FireEye breach, the end of Flash, and the Mirai botnet. 2020-12-10
Bear prints in Oslo and Silicon Valley. Deepfakes may be finally coming... maybe... CISA issues ICS alerts, some having to do with AMNESIA:30. A quick trip through Patch Tuesday. 2020-12-09
IoT supply chain vulnerabilities described. Spyware in the hands of drug cartels. National security and telecom equipment. US NDAA includes many cyber provisions. Fraud as a side hustle. 2020-12-08
NSA warns that Russia is actively exploiting patched VMware vulnerabilities. CISA alert also a warning to Iran. DeathStalker update. Market pressures in the Darknet. Greetings from Pyongyang. 2020-12-07
Ron Brash: Problem fixer in critical infrastructure. [OT] [Career Notes] 2020-12-06
SSL-based threats remain prevalent and are becoming increasingly sophisticated. [Research Saturday] 2020-12-05
2021 may look a lot like 2020 in cyberspace, only moreso. Cold chain cyberespionage. Cybercriminals are also interested in COVID-19 vaccines. And beware of online dog fraud. 2020-12-04
Cyberespionage and influence operations against prospective members of the incoming US Administration. Cold chain attacks. TrickBoot. Vasya, what do you do for a living? 2020-12-03
The Shadow Academy schools anglophone universities. Turla’s Crutch. Cryptojacking as misdirection. Cyberespionage against think tanks. DPRK tries to steal COVID-19 treatment data. 2020-12-02
Cryptojacking cyberspies sighted. Crooks mix banking Trojans and ransomware. Conti ransomware hits industrial IoT company. SCOTUS reviews CFAA. And predictions. 2020-12-01
Phishing for COVID-19 vaccine data. Bandook is back, and mercenaries have it. School’s out for ransomware. Skepticism about foreign election manipulation. The forever sales. 2020-11-30
Camille Stewart: Technology becomes more of an equalizer. [Legal] [Career Notes] 2020-11-29

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