The daily cybersecurity news and analysis industry leaders depend on. Published each weekday, the program also included interviews with a wide spectrum of experts from industry, academia, and research organizations all over the world.


Title Date published
Daily & Week in Review: Sorry, kids, it's back-to-school. What you should know, fellow youths, and more. 2016-08-26
Daily: Info ops drive hacks. Cryptowar resurgence in Europe, and more. 2016-08-25
Daily: "It walks, it talks, it reports back to Moscow. (Other news, too, gamers.) 2016-08-24
Daily: Shadow Brokers: zero-day hoarding (or not) and firewall exploitation. 2016-08-23
Daily: Hacking and hybrid warfare. Industry notes (including Wassenaar's next round). 2016-08-22
Daily & Week in Review: Hulk smash. Pokemon smish. And more on the Shadow Brokers. 2016-08-19
Daily: Who is Boson Spider? Legit zero-days among Shadow Brokers' leaks. 2016-08-18
Daily: Shadow Brokers warn 'Wealthy Elite'--new cyber cold war? And cybercrooks are still out there. 2016-08-17
Daily: All your attack code are belong us. Guccifer 2.0 suddenly more fluent. 2016-08-16
Daily: Cryptocoin for DDoS? ISIS info ops more murderous as territory shrinks. 2016-08-15
Daily & Week in Review: FBI has "high confidence" Russians hacked DNC. Olympic hacks, cyber vigilantes, criminal markets. 2016-08-12
Daily: Info ops as battlespace prep. It's hard to count Australians. 2016-08-11
Daily: Australia's census clogged. Iran ups its offense? Ransomware and file deletion. 2016-08-10
Daily: A look back at Vegas. Rio's rogue Wi-Fi. Cyberwar & actual war. 2016-08-09
Black Hat, Part 2 - Trends and Insights from Industry Leaders [Special Edition] 2016-08-09
Daily: DARPA CTF: Mayhem (win), Xandra (place), Mechphish (show). Blame it on Rio. 2016-08-08
Daily: Election hacking, layoff rumors, the unbearable lightness of Pokemon. 2016-08-05
Black Hat - Cyber Security Trends and Investment [Special Edition] 2016-08-04
Daily: Black Hat, of course. US election concerns, and more jihadist info ops. 2016-08-04
Daily: Black Hat USA, Android upgrades, and mind control (maybe). 2016-08-03

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