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Title Date published
Special Edition - Mandy Rogers from Northrup Grumman on her career and diversity in cyber security 2019-12-28
Special Edition - Phil Quade from Fortinet on his book "The Digital Big Bang" 2019-12-27
Special Edition - Bob Ackerman from Allegis Capital with Insights on the cyber security VC environment 2019-12-26
Special Edition - Kevin Lancaster from ID Agent on monitoring people affected by the OPM breach 2019-12-24
Special Edition - Sean O'Brien with @RISK Technologies on Election Security. 2019-12-23
Inside Magecart and Genesis. — Research Saturday 2019-12-21
Pegasus and Pakistan. What’s in Legion Loader. Threats to financial markets. Seasonal scams. What would Clippy do? 2019-12-20
TV program swap-out. Cyber espionage out of Beijing. US Congress in a mood to sanction. Emotet phishing spoofs Germany’s BSI. A Dark Overlord pleads not guilty. 2019-12-19
Steal first, encrypt later. Cobots at risk? Gangnam Industrial Style looks for industrial info. Rancor update. FISC takes FBI to the woodshed. Vlad the Updater. 2019-12-18
Ransomware updates. Lazarus Group’s new Trojan. IoT insecurity. Exploiting older versions of WhatsApp. Mr. Assange’s extradition. Door kick in IP beef. Someone naughty’s still running XP. 2019-12-17
Iran says it stopped a cyber espionage campaign by China’s APT27. India closes the Internet in two states. Ransomware in Louisiana and New Jersey. National Security Letters. 2019-12-16
Special Edition — Capturing the flag at NXTWORK 2019 2019-12-15
WAV files carry malicious data payloads. — Research Saturday 2019-12-14
Phishing for credentials. Compromised Telegram accounts. Lateral movement. Crypto Wars updates. Data retention compliance. Iago did it for the lulz. 2019-12-13
False flags and attack kit hijacking. Maze ransomware in Pensacola. China’s own OS. Crypto Wars update. TrickBot phishing. And Krampus spoils Christmas. 2019-12-12
Hacking in Iran? The Lazarus Group hires Trickbot. Election influence ops. Cryptowars updata. Ransomware in municipal and tribal governments. Patch Tuesday notes. Do it for State. 2019-12-11
Pensacola under cyberattack. Notes on ransomware. The US Justice Department IG report on Crossfire Hurricane. Who let the bots out? 2019-12-10
Ocean Lotus versus car manufacturers. Ransomware versus dental practices. $5 million reward offered in Dridex case. Information operations and the UK’s general election. 2019-12-09
Targeting routers to hit gaming servers. — Research Saturday 2019-12-07
Facebook sues over ad fraud. Tampering with VPN connections. Russian disinformation in Lithuania. 2019-12-06

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