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Title Date published
Richard Torres: Getting that level of experience is going to be crucial. [Career Notes] 2020-09-27
What came first, the Golden Chickens or more_eggs? [Research Saturday] 2020-09-26
Lots of coordinated inauthenticity, but a small return in influence. Confidence building in cyberspace? CISA reports finding that a Federal agency was hacked. Cyberattacks on hospitals are up. 2020-09-25
Not the Gremlin from the Kremlin. Zerologn exploited in the wild. Cyberespionage phishing in NATO’s pond. US Treasury announces sanctions. Four guilty pleas coming in eBay cyberstalking case. 2020-09-24
Naval Gazing around the South China Sea, and other disinformation. LokiBot is back in a big way. Darknet merchants busted. Cyber rioting along the Blue Nile. 2020-09-23
Bing backend exposed, for a bit. CIA thinks Russian influence ops are top-directed. TikTok Global spin-off may not be enough. Destination automation. Hacks that weren’t, and one big guilty plea. 2020-09-22
Patch by midnight, and reply by endorsement. Cerberus is howling; Rampant Kitten is yowling. TikTok and WeChat both get reprieves. German police want ransomware operators for homicide. 2020-09-21
Monica Ruiz: Moving ahead when not many look like you. [Career Notes] 2020-09-20
The cybersecurity paradox. [CyberWire-X] 2020-09-20
Election 2020: What to expect when we are electing. [Research Saturday] 2020-09-19
Sunday looks like sanction day for WeChat and TikTok. Grayfly and Blackfly (and APT41). Maze hides payloads in VMs. Ransomware is implicated in a death. Google Play housecleaning. Fox, chickencoop. 2020-09-18
Criminal markets and the criminals who shop there. Elections may be safe and secure, but influence operations seem here to stay. TikTok’s state of play. Indictments and extraditions. 2020-09-17
VPNs in Tehran’s crosshairs. US indictments of foreign cyber threat actors. Strife exacerbated by social media. ByteDance’s plan for TikTok. 2020-09-16
Zerologon: hey, patch already. CISA describes China’s cyberespionage techniques (and, hey, patch already). A data breach at the US Department of Veterans Affairs. 2020-09-15
Turning good words into bad. Crooks push those exploits through aging software while they still can. A big OSINT DB out of Shenzehn. TikTok’s fate grows narrower but murkier. Wildfire misinformation. 2020-09-14
Ode to Wealthy Elite. [Shadowspeak] 2020-09-14
Brandon Robinson: Built from the ground up. [Career Notes] 2020-09-13
Leveraging legitimate tools. [Research Saturday] 2020-09-12
Elemental election meddling spooks US campaigns. CISA’s email advice. Remote workers behaving badly. Momentum Cyber’s state of the Sector. The SINET 16. And remember 9/11. 2020-09-11
Ransomware hits Equinix. Tools for vandalism for sale. Stealing VoIP call data records. ByteDance negotiates for TikTok. EU clamps down on Facebook data handling. A high-profile Twitter hijacking. 2020-09-10

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