The Health Edge is a podcast by Mark Pettus MD and John Bagnulo PhD, MPH, two clinician-educators passionate about health and lifestyle medicine. The Health Edge brings state of the art science and translates it as "news to use" for people who feel stuck in their health journeys. Looking for your Health Edge? Our podcast will help you gain traction in your life! Good health is good business. Good health is everyone's business.


Title Date published
The Health Edge: Prediabetes in Adolescents and Young Adults 2019-12-03
Lifestyle, Mind and Mood Health 2019-12-01
Supplements and Depression 2019-10-02
Air Pollution and Health 2019-08-29
Health Edge Q & A 2019-08-22
Plant vs Animal Protein 2019-08-13
Consciousness, Quantum Access and Population Health 2019-07-23
Telomere length and healthy aging 2019-06-23
Gluten: Is it really a problem? 2019-06-13
Great Meals On A Tight Budget 2019-06-06
The Health Edge: Carnivore Diet 2019-05-30
Vitamin K2 and Cardiovascular Disease 2019-05-09
Sunscreen and Sun Exposure 2019-04-24
The Hallmarks of Aging 2019-04-21
Oral Health and Alzheimer's 2019-04-11
Eggs and Heart Disease Risk: Is this deja-vu all over again? 2019-03-17
LLVLC 1481 - Dr Mark Pettus Lays The Groundwork For Low-Carb, High-Fat Becoming A Population Health Strategy 2019-03-06
Weight Loss Maintenance and Food Allergies 2019-02-17
The Health Edge: Apple Cider Vinegar 2019-01-17
Health Edge Q & A: Omega-3 Sourcing, Saunas and Food-Related Mycotoxins 2019-01-03

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