The Health Edge is a podcast by Mark Pettus MD and John Bagnulo PhD, MPH, two clinician-educators passionate about health and lifestyle medicine. The Health Edge brings state of the art science and translates it as "news to use" for people who feel stuck in their health journeys. Looking for your Health Edge? Our podcast will help you gain traction in your life! Good health is good business. Good health is everyone's business.


Title Date published
The Health Edge: Is Fruit always the best choice? 2018-06-14
The Health Edge: Eggs and Health 2018-05-23
The Health Edge: Agri-Chemicals and Health 2018-05-17
The Health Edge: TMAO and the Gut-Heart Connection 2018-05-10
The Health Edge: Coffee and Acrylamide 2018-05-03
The Health Edge: Alcohol and Health 2018-04-27
The Health Edge: Vitamin K2 2018-04-24
The Health Edge: Trace Minerals 2018-04-13
The Health Edge: Managing Protein Needs 2018-04-10
The Health Edge: Interesting Medical Headlines 2018-04-05
The Health Edge: Bile Acids 2018-02-22
The Health Edge: Consciousness, Reality and Health 2018-02-09
The Health Edge: Sodium, Hypertension and Cardiovascular Risk 2018-01-31
Weight and Metabolism: Mark Pettus MD Part 2 2018-01-24
Weight and Metabolism: Mark Pettus MD Part 1 2018-01-21
Micronutrient Essentials Part 2 2018-01-19
Micronutrient Essentials: Part 1 by John Bagnulo PhD, MPH 2018-01-16
The Health Edge: 4th Phase of Water 2018-01-13
The Health Edge: Fats and Health Part 2 2018-01-10
Fats and Health: A Primer Part 1 2018-01-08

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