Welcome to The Midside. Here we witness the farce in politics and pop culture that discourages you from being you---the previous week's biggest news, notable art, and craziest social justice outrage.


Title Date published
The Episode IX Edition 2019-04-15
The Unconscious Bias Edition 2019-04-08
The What Counts as Diversity Edition 2019-04-01
The Poppy Apocalypse Edition 2019-03-25
The Justin Rants 2K19 Edition 2019-03-18
The 2009 Edition 2019-03-11
The Lake Erie Edition 2019-03-04
The Robert Kraft Edition 2019-02-25
The National Emergency Edition 2019-02-18
The State of The Midside 2019 Edition 2019-02-11
The Blackface Edition 2019-02-04
The Smug Edition 2019-01-28
The Peak Farce Awards 2018 2018-12-24
The Where's William When We Need Him? Edition 2018-12-17
The Are You There God? It's #MeToo, Mary Edition 2018-12-10
The Men Aren't Women Edition 2018-12-03
The Who You've Beaten Edition 2018-11-19
The White Wave Edition 2018-11-12
The Your Halloween Costume Sucked Edition 2018-11-05
The Right Wing Fever Dream Edition 2018-10-29

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