Welcome to The Midside. Here we witness the farce in politics and pop culture that discourages you from being you---the previous week's biggest news, notable art, and craziest social justice outrage.


Title Date published
The Individualism is the Answer Edition 2020-05-31
The Announced the Snyder Cut Edition 2020-05-24
The Maskulinity Edition 2020-05-18
The 100% Absent of Bias Edition 2020-05-09
The Soft Rebellion Edition 2020-05-03
The Temperature Check Edition 2020-04-27
The Happy Rebellion Edition 2020-04-20
The Social Herd Immunity Edition 2020-04-13
The Reverse Keene Act Edition 2020-04-06
The Great Suppression Edition 2020-03-30
The Lockdown Edition 2020-03-22
The Social Distancing Edition 2020-03-16
The Bad Cold Edition 2020-03-09
The Morida Edition 2020-03-02
The Cross Country Road Trip 2 Edition 2020-02-24
The South Park Edition 2020-02-17
The 2019 Peak Farce Awards Edition 2019-12-23
The Schrodinger's Racism Edition 2019-12-16
The Plantation Wedding Edition 2019-12-09
The Black Friday Backlash Edition 2019-12-02

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