A fast-paced fun-filled ethics podcast for kids and their parents that asks those curly questions. From banning lollies to trusting robots, and from colonising other planets to eating pets, Short & Curly covers it all.


Title Date published
BITE — Bossy parents 2020-11-02
INTRODUCING — Short & Curly BITES 2020-10-29
Bringing back extinct animals. What could go wrong? 2020-09-17
Should we censor stuff on the internet? 2020-09-17
Should Gabi have climbed the cherry blossom tree? 2020-09-17
Do you always have to keep a secret? 2020-09-17
Food fight! Can you be an ethical snacker? 2020-09-17
Are you really free? 2020-04-08
Oedipus – The Musical 2020-04-08
Why is your room so messy? 2020-04-08
Did your brain make you do it? 2020-04-08
Are you the boss of your emotions? 2020-04-08
Is it society's fault if you become a criminal? 2020-04-08
BONUS—How to work together through coronavirus 2020-03-20
BONUS — Pets, pests and farm animals, why do we value them differently? 2020-01-16
Do you want to become a vampire? 2019-11-25
Should we ban families? 2019-11-25
Should you give up your teddy bear? 2019-11-25
What is discrimination and is it always bad? 2019-11-25
Did Carl really see a UFO? 2019-11-25

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