All In The Mind is ABC RN's weekly podcast looking into the mental universe, the mind, brain and behaviour — everything from addiction to artificial intelligence.


Title Date published
The art of empathy 2018-08-26
Memory loss and identity 2018-08-19
Carrots, sticks ... and other ways to motivate 2018-08-12
The mental health of refugees 2018-08-05
Depression and your sense of self 2018-07-29
Leadership in mind 2018-07-22
On being a dog 2018-07-15
Tics, twitches, and Tourette's 2018-07-08
Optimism and hope—with Martin Seligman 2018-07-01
Positive psychology—with Martin Seligman 2018-06-24
Synesthesia and art 2018-06-17
Synesthesia: seeing sounds, hearing colours 2018-06-10
Strange brains and rare perceptions 2018-06-03
Epilepsy and seizure prediction 2018-05-27
Creativity and your brain 2018-05-20
Memories and fears panel discussion from Big Ideas 2018-05-14
Ready for revolution—the psychology of protest 2018-05-13
Women's brain business 2018-05-06
Compassion therapy for voice-hearing 2018-04-29
The believing brain 2018-04-22

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