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Title Date published
AD #3707 - Safety Experts Criticize Cybertruck; Porsche Jumps into Carbon Capture; Ford Sets Record Exports from China 2023-12-08
AD #3706 - Telsa Model 2 May Be Built in China; Republicans Attack Biden EV Mandates; Stellantis Jumps Into Battery Swapping 2023-12-07
AD #3705 - Milestone: U.S. EV Sales Top 1 Million; EVs Reducing Global Oil Demand; VW Adds Bi-Directional Charging 2023-12-06
AD #3704 - Ford's EVs Post Strong Sales Gains; GM's Barra Undecided on Hybrids; Nordic Unions Target Tesla 2023-12-05
AD #3703 - Forecast: Cybertruck Will Only Sell 36,000/Year; Ford Lightning Sales Surprisingly Strong; D3 Offset UAW Costs With Spending Cuts 2023-12-04
AD #3702 - GM Says EV Costs Will Drop $25,000 By 2025; Cybertruck Debuts to Cheers and Boos; CATL Skateboard Hits 5.9 Miles per kWh 2023-12-01
AD #3701 - EU Predicts Huge Jump in EV Sales; Sagging Jeep Sales Trigger Shakeup; UAW Targets All Non-Union Automakers 2023-11-30
AD #3700 - GM To Bring Back Hybrids; Used EV Prices Plummet; Hyundai’s Impressively Clever Hub Wheel Motor 2023-11-29
AD #3699 - Big Jump in EV Efficiency; Ford Dealers Fight EV Mandate; Toyota Unleashes New Tacoma 2023-11-28
AD #3698 - EVs To Play Big Role In 2024 Elections; Thursday Is Red Letter Day for Tesla; VW Outsources Scout to Magna 2023-11-27
AD #3697 - Tesla Launches Supercharger Congestion Fee; Toyota Solid State Battery Will Be Low Volume; Tests Platooning on Public Roads 2023-11-22
AD #3696 - EV Market Share Overtakes Diesel in Europe; PHEV Sales Take Off in China; Robot Dogs Help Hyundai Build Cars 2023-11-21
AD #3695 - GM’s Barra Faces Big Problems; NTSB Wants Speed Limiters in Cars; Heat Pumps Help EVs In Cold Weather 2023-11-20
AD #3694 - One Of Three UAW Workers Didn’t Bother to Vote; GAC Going to Solid-State Batteries; BMW’s Centerlock Wheels Need 685-lb/ft Torque 2023-11-17
AD #3693 - Ford Gives Owners Fast Feedback Tech; Only EVs on Track for Net-Zero; UAW Contracts Will Likely Be Approved 2023-11-16
AD #3692 - Renault’s Ampere Has Bold EV Plans; UAW Labor War Far from Over; GM Acquires Gigacasting Company 2023-11-15
AD #3691 - Transplant Raising Wages to Block UAW; Big Supplier Hit by Cyber Attack; Fisker Slashes Its Production Forecast 2023-11-14
AD #3690 - More UAW Locals Rejecting New Contract; U.S. EV Sales Up Strong, But Slowing; Volvo’s $100,000 Electric Minivan 2023-11-13
AD #3689 - Biden Backs UAW’s Unionization Efforts; VW To Offer Sub-$35,000 EV In U.S.; BMW To Offer L3 Autonomous Driving 2023-11-10
AD #3688 - UAW Going to Get "Creative" w Transplants and Startups; EU Backing Off Stricter Emissions; U.S. Wants Bigger Chinese Tariffs 2023-11-09

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