Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the history of ideas


Title Date published
Napoleon's Retreat from Moscow 2019-09-19
Free Will (Summer Repeat) 2019-09-12
Picasso's Guernica (Summer Repeat) 2019-09-05
Augustine's Confessions (Summer Repeat) 2019-08-29
Emmy Noether (Summer Repeat) 2019-08-22
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Summer Repeat) 2019-08-15
Hope (Summer Repeat) 2019-08-08
Venus (Summer Repeat) 2019-08-01
Edith Wharton (Summer Repeat) 2019-07-25
Frederick Douglass (Summer Repeat) 2019-07-18
Echolocation (Summer Repeat) 2019-07-11
Lorca 2019-07-04
Doggerland 2019-06-27
The Mytilenaean Debate 2019-06-20
The Inca 2019-06-13
Sir Thomas Browne 2019-06-06
President Ulysses S Grant 2019-05-30
Kinetic Theory 2019-05-23
Frankenstein 2019-05-16
Bergson and Time 2019-05-09

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