Witty, irreverent look at the world through scientists' eyes. With Brian Cox and Robin Ince


Title Date published
How to Beat the House and Win at Games 2017-01-23
The Science of Everyday Life 2017-01-16
The Infinite Monkey Cage Christmas Special 2016-12-27
The Universe: What Remains to Be Discovered? 2016-08-08
200 Years of Frankenstein 2016-08-01
Battle of the Sexes 2016-07-25
Science of Sleep 2016-07-18
The Recipe to Build a Universe 2016-07-11
The Sound of Music 2016-07-04
Brian and Robin's Infinite Inbox 2016-02-25
Climate Change 2016-02-22
Maths of Love and Sex 2016-02-15
What Is Reality? 2016-02-08
Invisible Universe 2016-02-01
What is Race? 2016-01-25
Artificial Intelligence 2016-01-18
The Infinite Monkey Cage Christmas Special 2015-12-25
Episode 2 2015-12-15
Episode 1 2015-12-08
Forensic Science 2015-08-10

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