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Title Date published
Free Thinking: 'Play' in urban design, Gillian Allnutt 2017-02-23
Soil Stories Old and New 2017-02-22
Free Thinking - Shakespeare in cartoons; Jess Phillips; Sidney Nolan's Australian legends. 2017-02-21
Free Thinking: Hull: A trip down memory lane. 2017-02-16
Free Thinking: Martin Luther- fundamentalist reactionary or enlightened creator of our modern world 2017-02-16
Free Thinking: Paolozzi; Daniel Dennett 2017-02-15
Rude Valentines. Neil Gaiman, Translating China's Arts 2017-02-14
Free Thinking: Professor Paul Gilroy 2017-02-09
Free Thinking: Robots, and an Icelandic Dracula 2017-02-08
Free Thinking: Russian Art and Revolution 2017-02-07
Borders: On the ground, on the map, in the mind 2017-02-02
Free Thinking: Anger and friendships with Pankaj Mishra and Elif Shafak. 2017-02-01
Free Thinking - Caribbean Culture. 2017-01-31
Free Thinking: Yaa Gyasi. Daniel Levitin. Peter Bazalgette, James Bartholomew on Clarity, Civility and Strong States. 2017-01-26
Davos Discussions. Shobana Jeyasingh. New Generation Thinker Seán Williams 2017-01-26
Free Thinking: Oscar Nominations; T2 Trainspotting; Denial 2017-01-24
Free Thinking - Victorian Bodies, Citizens of Everywhere 2017-01-19
Free Thinking - The influence of the British Black Art movement. 2017-01-18
Free Thinking: The War of the Worlds sequel, Eimear McBride 2017-01-17
Free Thinking - Chibundu Onuzo; Nadeem Aslam. Lockwood Kipling's art. 2017-01-12

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