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Title Date published
Free Thinking: Fiona Shaw and Mark Ravenhill on Brecht, John Knox, 2017 New Generation Thinker Joanne Paul. 2017-05-18
Free Thinking: Rachel Seiffert. James Hawes,Richard Nelson. 2017 New Gen Thinker Alistair Fraser on gangs 2017-05-17
Free Thinking - Artist Taryn Simon. Deglobalisation. 2017 New Generation Thinker Eleanor Lybeck on the circus. 2017-05-16
Free Thinking: Laurent Binet; the rise of blockchain tech. 2017-05-11
Free Thinking: Salomé, Angels in America, Queer British Art 2017-05-10
Free Thinking: The Wolfson Prize 2017-05-09
Free Thinking: Breaking Free: Landmark - Paradise Lost 2017-05-05
Free Thinking: Breaking Free - Martin Luther’s Revolution. New Research into the Reformation 2017-05-03
Free Thinking - Breaking Free: Martin Luther's Revolution 2017-05-02
Free Thinking - Wellcome Book Prize, Civil Wars: Susan Buck-Morss and A.C. Grayling, Louisa Egbunike and Akachi Ezeigbo. 2017-04-27
Free Thinking - What now for environmentalism? With Paul Kingsnorth, James Thornton and Martin Goodman 2017-04-26
Free Thinking - Smell: Michele Roberts, A history of dentistry 2017-04-25
Free Thinking - Landmark: Leaves of Grass 2017-04-23
Free Thinking – John Irving 2017-04-22
Free Thinking - Writers Writing about Love 2017-04-21
Free Thinking - Taking the Long View with the Animal Kingdom 2017-04-13
Free Thinking - My Body Clock is Broken 2017-04-12
Free Thinking Festival: Time, Space and Science 2017-04-11
Free Thinking Festival: Writing Life 2017-04-10
Free Thinking at Uproot Festival 2017-04-07

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