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Title Date published
Motherhood in fiction, memoir and on the analyst's couch 2018-05-22
Jordan B Peterson 2018-05-17
Designing the future 2018-05-17
John Gray, Atheism and Post-structuralism 2018-05-16
What is Speech? 2018-05-10
Free Thinking: Charms: Madeline Miller; Zoe Gilbert; Kirsty Logan 2018-05-09
Out of Control? 2018-05-08
Disrupted Childhood. Turkish Star Wars 2018-05-04
Marxism 2018-05-02
America: Inequality & Race 2018-05-01
Tokyo Idols and Urban life. 2018-04-26
Landmark: Rashōmon 2018-04-25
Japan and Nature 2018-04-25
Learning from Sweden 2018-04-19
Shakespeare, Creativity and the Role of the Writer 2018-04-18
The Politics of Fashion and Drag 2018-04-18
Marilynne Robinson 2018-04-12
Macbeth and Things Fall Apart 2018-04-11
British New Wave Films of the '60s 2018-04-10
Death Comes to Us All 2018-04-05

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