Every week host Dan Zupansky will interview the authors that have written about the most shocking killers of all time.


Title Date published
VIOLENT MIND-Dr. Al Carlisle 2017-11-16
MEMBER OF THE FAMILY-Dianne Lake 2017-11-10
DEATH IN THE AIR-Kate Winkler Dawson 2017-11-02
TARGETED-M.William Phelps 2017-10-31
THE LAST CHICAGO BOSS-Kerrie Droban 2017-10-25
DEADLY VOICES-C.L. Swinney 2017-10-18
THE BAYOU STRANGLER-Fred Rosen 2017-10-12
STEVEN AVERY RETRIAL DENIED-Chad Keller and Juan Tescrue 2017-10-06
A SOCIALITE SCORNED-Kerrie Droban 2017-10-03
DEATH ROW ROMEO-J.T. Hunter 2017-09-28
DADDY'S LITTLE SECRET-Denise Wallace 2017-09-22
44 YEARS AND COUNTING-Ray Gray and Fred Rosen 2017-09-20
BANQUET OF CONSEQUENCES-Paul Sanders 2017-09-16
THE MIRANDA MURDERS-Matthew Rosvally 2017-09-09
LADY KILLERS-Tori Telfer 2017-09-07
BEYOND AVERY ROAD-Chad Spencer Keller 2017-09-01
THE GRIM SLEEPER-Christine Pelisek 2017-08-24
ROBERT PICKTON-C.L. Swinney 2017-08-17
DANGEROUS GROUND-M. William Phelps 2017-08-09
A SLAYER WAITS-Rod Sadler 2017-08-03

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