Every week host Dan Zupansky will interview the true crime authors that have written about the most shocking killers of all time.


Title Date published
ABOVE SUSPICION-Joe Sharkey 2019-11-12
TANTAMOUNT-Blaine Pardoe and Victoria Hester 2019-11-06
THE MENENDEZ MURDERS-Robert Rand 2019-10-30
BAT MASTERSON-Fred Rosen 2019-10-24
MOMS OF THE MISSING-Steffen Hou 2019-10-21
BLOOD BENEATH MY FEET-Joseph Scott Morgan 2019-10-14
DEAD RECKONING-Caitlin Rother 2019-10-08
HAUNTING HOMICIDES-Michael Benson 2019-10-07
NORCO '80-Peter Houlahan 2019-10-05
WHAT IF? Golden State Killer-Zodiac Solved-Anne Penn 2019-10-03
DEATH SENTENCE-Joe Sharkey 2019-09-24
WHISPERS IN THE WILLOWS-George Jared 2019-09-16
FROZEN TEARS-J.B. King 2019-09-12
RAILROADED-Christopher Jossart 2019-09-10
DEACON'S CROSSBOW-David G. Brown 2019-09-04
CHAOS-Tom O'Neill 2019-08-28
NOTORIOUS SAN FRANCISCO-Paul Drexler 2019-08-24
INNOCENT BLOOD-Terry Ganey 2019-08-19
TRUTH AND HONOUR-Greg Marquis 2019-08-13
MURDER ON BIRCHLEAF DRIVE-Steven B. Epstein 2019-08-06

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