Nate Duncan hosts the most in-depth NBA basketball podcast, featuring detailed game breakdowns, salary cap analysis, and scouting.


Title Date published
News Catchup; Western Conference Summer League Review 2019-08-21
Offseason Grades (Eastern Conference 2019) 2019-08-15
2019 Summer League Prospects Part 2 2019-08-07
Summer League Prospect Review Part 1; CJ and Draymond Extensions; News 2019-08-04
Mailbag Time! 2019-07-30
Re-Grading the 2018 Offseason (West) 2019-07-27
Past Week News Catchup; Re-Grading the 2018 Offseason (East) 2019-07-24
Ben Taylor: Lessons of 2019 Playoffs, Top-10 Players in the NBA, How More Player Movement Affects Team-Building, and more Basketball Dorkery 2019-07-18
Russell Westbrook Traded to Houston; Other Signings and News 2019-07-12
Free Agency and Trades Catch-Up; Winners and Losers [Better Audio] 2019-07-10
Kawhi and PG Are Clippers: Every Angle for the Winners and Losers 2019-07-06
2019 Free Agency Days 3 and 4: Every Deal, Every Team 2019-07-04
2019 Free Agency Day 2: Every Deal, Every Team 2019-07-02
2019 Free Agency Day 1: Every Deal, Every Team 2019-07-01
Free Agency Rumor Mill; BOS, DAL, NYK, LAC, BRK Offseasons 2019-06-28
2019 Mock Offseason Part 3 2019-06-26
2019 Mock Offseason Part 2 2019-06-26
2019 Mock Offseason Part 1 2019-06-25
GSW; TOR; HOU; WAS; ATL Offseasons, News 2019-06-24
2019 NBA Draft 2019-06-21

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