Nate Duncan hosts the most in-depth NBA basketball podcast, featuring detailed game breakdowns, salary cap analysis, and scouting.


Title Date published
Cap Going Down, Porzingis Rumors, Other News, Malik Monk, ORL Offseason 2017-06-22
Huge Trades: BRK/LAL and CHA/ATL, Scouting the 2017 NBA Draft with Mike Schmitz 2017-06-21
David Griffin Out in CLE; Projecting the 2017 Draft with Kevin Pelton 2017-06-20
Huge PHI/BOS Trade, PG Wants Out, and PHI Offseason Options 2017-06-18
News, DEN Offseason, Lauri Markkanen Scouting Report 2017-06-15
Where Does Golden State Rank Historically w/ Kevin Pelton; GSW Offseason Preview 2017-06-15
CLE Offseason Preview, Potential Love Trades, Frank Ntilikina Scouting Report 2017-06-14
2017 NBA Finals Game 5 2017-06-13
Will Kerr Go Small? News, LA Lakers Offseason Preview 2017-06-12
2017 NBA Finals Game 4 2017-06-10
2017 NBA Finals Game 3 2017-06-08
De'Aaron Fox Scouting Report, CHA Offseason, News and 2 Random Questions 2017-06-07
2017 Finals Game 2; UTA Offseason Preview 2017-06-05
2017 Finals Game 1, News 2017-06-02
Lonzo Ball Scouting Report, News 2017-06-01
Dunc'd On: 2017 NBA Finals Preview, DET Offseason w/ Dan Feldman 2017-05-30
MIA and NOP Offseason Outlooks, More on BOS Offseason 2017-05-28
BOS/CLE Game 5, BOS Offseason Preview 2017-05-26
Dennis Smith, Jr. Scouting Report, MIL Offseason Preview 2017-05-25
BOS/CLE Game 4, News, Markelle Fultz Scouting Report 2017-05-24

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