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Title Date published
Kris Siddiqi takes the news quiz 2018-10-12
Members Only: Martha quizzes Gavin 2018-10-10
Opera star Ben Heppner takes the news quiz 2018-10-05
Members Only: everything you never wanted to know about Tom Howell 2018-10-03
Kid in the Hall Kevin McDonald takes the news quiz 2018-09-28
Members Only: Baroness von Sketch Show bonus round 2018-09-26
Baroness von Sketch Show takes the news quiz 2018-09-21
Members Only: Steven Page unaired quiz round 2018-09-20
Steven Page takes the news quiz 2018-09-14
Members Only: Gavin calls a pastor who hated Because News 2018-09-12
News quiz: NAFTA, BC weed and country music awards 2018-09-07
Gavin quizzes Tom 2018-09-05
Eric Peterson takes the news quiz 2018-08-31
Members Only: we're baaaaaack! 2018-08-29
A very Canadian news quiz 2018-06-28
Members Only: meet our summer replacement 2018-06-27
Because News all-stars take the news quiz 2018-06-22
Members Only: Gavin's raccoon impression 2018-06-20
Comedian Alice Moran takes the news quiz 2018-06-15
Members only: Tom Howell pays Gavin a visit 2018-06-13

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