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Title Date published
A book lover, his library and the Scottish Enlightenment (Encore February 22, 2018) 2018-10-11
The Life Course - trauma, migration and 'renoviction' in Vancouver 2018-10-09
Neil Turok on the invention of innovation 2018-10-08
The Scottish Enlightenment: The invention of modern mind and culture (Encore Jan 25, 2018) 2018-10-04
The Enright Files on Race and Racism 2018-10-01
Is Neoliberalism destroying the world? 2018-09-26
Shaking the snow globe: Michael Pollan on the therapeutic use of psychedelic drugs 2018-09-25
The Bison and the "B" 2018-09-21
Biocentrism: Rethinking Time, Space, Consciousness, and the Illusion of Death (Encore Oct 4, 2016) 2018-09-20
Planet You: The mysterious world of the microbiome 2018-09-18
Taming the Beast: Are violent urges part of men's nature? (Encore May 2, 2018) 2018-09-17
Panpsychism and the Nature of Consciousness 2018-09-13
The Restaurant: A Table Divided (Encore May 21,2018) 2018-09-12
What can Shakespeare teach us about Donald Trump? 2018-09-11
Creative Minds: Can art speak truth? 2018-09-10
Michael Crummey on writing and the relationship between fact and fiction 2018-09-07
Internal Hard Drive: What's lost when we forget to remember 2018-09-06
Yuval Harari: Hacking Humanity 2018-09-05
The Enright Files on the state of democracy in 2018 2018-09-04
The Politics of the Professoriat: Political diversity on campus (Encore September 8, 2017) 2018-08-31

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