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Title Date published
Five Freedoms: Freedom from Oppression (Encore April 10, 2019) 2019-07-16
Yuval Harari: Hacking Humanity (Encore Sept. 5, 2018) 2019-07-15
Talking with Doctor David Naylor: Winner of the 2018 Friesen Prize (Encore Dec. 6, 2018) 2019-07-12
Michael Pollan on the therapeutic use of psychedelic drugs (Encore Sept. 25, 2018) 2019-07-11
Five Freedoms: Freedom of Speech (Encore April 9, 2019) 2019-07-09
Mythologizing Empire (Encore January 14, 2019) 2019-07-08
Kent Monkman: Playing tricks with awesome art (Encore February 12, 2019) 2019-07-05
Michael Crummey on writing and the relationship between fact and fiction (Encore September 7, 2018) 2019-07-04
Flirting with Fascism: America's New Path? (Encore Nov. 29, 2018) 2019-07-01
Learning to Listen: Paul Kennedy's takeaway lesson 2019-06-28
How Lives Are Lived: Ideas about biography 2019-06-27
When Hong Kong felt like the middle of the world: Paul Kennedy 2019-06-26
Ken Lyotier: How to handle garbage 2019-06-25
Is It Too Late To Find Hope In The Anthropocene? 2019-06-24
Language, Land and Laughter: The power of Gwich'in storytelling 2019-06-21
The Recurring Case of 'Recursion': a vital pattern for making sense of the world 2019-06-20
The Coffee Chronicles: The story of the world’s most popular drink 2019-06-19
The Portuguese Model: Lessons for dealing with a drug crisis 2019-06-18
The Invention of the World: Diderot and the Art of Thinking Freely, Part 2 2019-06-17
Marxism for the New Age 2019-06-14

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