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Title Date published
The resistance of Black Canada: State surveillance and suppression 2020-01-21
Machines that can think: real benefits, the Apocalypse, or 'dog-spaghetti'? 2020-01-20
Reconciliation can't happen without reclamation of land, argues Max FineDay 2020-01-20
A chair is never just a chair: A social history of a ubiquitous household item, Part 2 2020-01-10
A chair is never just a chair: A social history of a ubiquitous household item, Part 1 2020-01-09
Animals under the law: What options are there for animals to 'lawyer up'? 2020-01-03
Bright IDEAS for 2020: Our annual New Year's levee 2020-01-01
Human rights advocate Shirin Ebadi says the current protests hint at an eventual collapse of Iran’s regime 2019-12-27
Get thee behind me, tech: putting humans before social media 2019-12-19
Ought vs. Is: Reclaiming nature as a moral guide 2019-12-05
How To Feed The World 2019-11-29
In the Sweet By and By: Atheist Edition 2019-11-28
Canada as a middle power in an upended world: Time for a foreign policy reset? 2019-11-25
Debate| Do baby boomers owe millennials an apology? 2019-11-08
Introducing Hunting Warhead 2019-11-05
What psychiatrists still don't know about mental illness 2019-10-28
Why too much logic leads to irrationality: Justin E. H. Smith 2019-10-22
If you support human rights you're obliged to be an anti-colonialist, argues scholar 2019-10-10
Lessons off Broadway: Princeton professor dissects zeitgeist in musicals 2019-10-04
Make debate great again: How bad political argument is undermining democracy 2019-09-26

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