CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks covers the quirks of the expanding universe to the quarks within a single atom... and everything in between.


Title Date published
Turtles under ice, fungal electronics, airplane radiation, black wolf viral resistance, hailstorm chasers and where the water’s going. 2022-11-25
Octopus chucking, Mayan ruins mercury contamination, neighborhood black hole, climate makes shrimp snap, discovering T. Rex and how loons see through the murk 2022-11-18
Rocket debris falling to Earth, non-compostable plastic, animal vocalization, illegal fishers use ‘stealth mode’ and Earth’s population hits 8 billion 2022-11-10
Socializing between chimps and gorillas, deer and daylight savings, giant asteroid, aye-aye nose picking, Herzberg Gold medal and comet Shoemaker-Levy 2022-11-04
Celebrating Bob McDonald's 30 years as host of Quirks & Quarks 2022-10-28
Quirks and Quarks Introduces: The Outlaw Ocean 2022-10-24
Brain cells play pong, genes for surviving the Black Death, a penguins extra egg, black hole burps and a natural history of spirits 2022-10-21
Did life on Mars exterminate itself? Stone-age chemistry produces super-glue, African origins for dinosaurs, wolves’ attachment to humans, Nobel for Neanderthals and downloading the mind 2022-10-14
Nobel for quantum entanglement, mystery of the missing bear toes, the dinosaurs’ last tsunami, the genetics of the Anglo-Saxon takeover of England and activists work to “Support our Science’ 2022-10-07
Redirecting an asteroid, Rainforest politics, wildlife and COVID, megalodon was a monster, Indigenous perspectives on Astronomy. 2022-09-29
The Milky Way tells its story, raccoon criminal masterminds, back to the water, a medieval hate-crime and a city's summer smells. 2022-09-23
10,000 steps really are good for you, Astronomers thrilled by JWST, garbage picking cockatoos, on thin ice with Canadian glaciologists and red skies at night? 2022-09-16
Quirks & Quarks Science in the Field special 2022-09-09
Quirks and Quarks is on hiatus - new programs in September 2022-06-29
The Quirks & Quarks listener question show 2022-06-24
Black Death origins, chicken domestication, the life of a mastodon, elephant seal whiskers and ‘The Secret Perfume of Birds’ 2022-06-17
Music from the cosmos, thunderbird extinction, Hubble gets the big picture, invasive species and climate change and the natural history of sound. 2022-06-10
Baby parrot babbling, a supernova stone, buzzing bats mimic hornets, scallops attracted by disco lights and why mushrooms are ‘world makers’ 2022-06-03

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