CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks covers the quirks of the expanding universe to the quarks within a single atom... and everything in between.


Title Date published
Lionfish are super digesters, Voyager 2 goes interstellar, carbon capture, AI reads scientific literature, fear, trauma and inheritance and animal heart attacks 2019-11-08
Roadway pollution, fungus promotes pancreatic cancer, the bang in the Big Bang, infant eels magnetic migration and the pathway to Mars. 2019-11-01
World’s loudest bird, a six-fingered lemur, a microbrewery in your gut, earthworms and the climate underground, a patient researcher and a question of indigestion 2019-10-25
Understanding the Anthropocene extinction, regenerating cartilage, autism and touch, a prosthetic that feels and where’s my Lyme vaccine? 2019-10-18
Canada’s latest Nobel laureate and our election science policy debate 2019-10-11
Red meat might not be bad, deflecting asteroids, politics making us sick, growing human brains in the lab, evolution and orgasms and animals in the midnight sun. 2019-10-04
Plastic tea-bag particles, Venus was habitable, driver memory fail, earliest North American migrants, Plants ‘terraformed’ the Earth 2019-09-27
Quirks & Quarks women in science special — How science has done women wrong 2019-09-20
Ground zero for dinosaur extinction, space archeology, toes on the brain, Finding a lost jet engine on Greenland, mystery of the wandering whales and barren tablelands 2019-09-13
Quirks & Quarks ‘science in the field’ special — the summer adventures of scientists working in exotic and remote locations 2019-09-06
Quirks & Quarks is on hiatus. There will no more podcasts until September 2019-07-26
50 years ago we walked on the moon, and it transformed life on Earth 2019-07-19
Quirks & Quarks is on hiatus. There will be no podcasts until our July 20th Apollo 11 anniversary special 2019-06-28
Is your Wi-Fi watching you? Dog’s manipulative eyebrows, Darwin’s finches in danger, An AI learns numbers, genetics of smell, bonobo wing-mums, sponge scientists and electric car questions 2019-06-21
Should we have humans in space? A Quirks & Quarks public debate 2019-06-14
A diet of microplastic, Canada's northern limits, elephants smell numbers, depression genetics, magnetic therapy for concussion and aurorae on other planets. 2019-06-07
The benefits of video games, composting corpses, brewing ancient beer, right whales in the wrong place and supernovas and bipedalism 2019-05-31
Sharks on a bird diet, fossils of fungus, 'lifelike' machines, giant beaver extinction, the beauty of calculus and oil spill dispersants 2019-05-24
Solving our plastics problem, Mystery of the missing brain cells, overeating processed food, smartphones detect ear infections, moonquakes, and why geese honk while migrating 2019-05-17

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