CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks covers the quirks of the expanding universe to the quarks within a single atom... and everything in between.


Title Date published
Sep 26: Tailings pond detoxification, baboon friendship and longevity, ancient DNA in dirt, tickling rats for science and 5 ways the universe might die 2020-09-25
Sep 19: Woodpecker wars, hibernating squid, Viking DNA and COVID Vaccines 2020-09-18
Sep 12: Summer Science Special — Fishing with the boys, COVID garbage, recognizing Black birders and Cougar kills 2020-09-11
Jul 3: Quirks & Quarks podcast on hiatus until September 2020-07-03
June 27: The Quirks & Quarks Question show 2020-06-26
Jun 20: A cosmic iceberg visit, female genetic superiority, a megadrought in the southwest and science fights Lyme disease invading Quebec 2020-06-19
Jun 13: What if we hadn’t locked down? The return of race science, a dinosaur’s last meal and maybe we can go to Mars, but should we? 2020-06-12
Detecting COVID in sewage, SpaceX’s Crew Dragon, pet dogs fail at rescue, AI sources fossil poop, and the insect apocalypse 2020-06-05
May 30: Swearing makes pain more tolerable, Mt. St. Helens 40 years later, turning plants into carnivores and COVID reopening speedbumps 2020-05-29
May 23: Can COVID cut climate emissions permanently? Robot stand-up comedy and more, evolving animals from worm guts to fish fingers and adapting to climate change on the prairies 2020-05-22
May 16: COVID unknowns, a giant sloth graveyard, drying northern peatlands, and this is your brain on fear 2020-05-15
May 9: COVID stress and pregnancy, a black hole in our backyard, solving koalas’ drinking problem and how to live on Mars 2020-05-08
May 2: COVID and social isolation, COVID and dreams, the most dangerous place on Earth, Satellite streak watcher and Coping with sea level rise in Nova Scotia 2020-05-01
Apr 25: Deepwater Horizon 10 years later, COVID-19 and understanding immunity. Invaders eat Europe’s ragweed, and making AI compatible with humans. 2020-04-24
Apr 18: Age, sex and COVID-19 vulnerability, learning from pterosaur flight and, Earth Day’s odd birthday, and a super-dupernova 2020-04-17
Introducing Unlocking Bryson's Brain 2020-04-14
Apr 11: COVID-19 transmission, reliving Apollo 13 in real time, birds watch out for rhinos, toads outbreed in hard times, and sports in mesoamerica 3400 years ago. 2020-04-10
Apr 4 Testing for COVID-19, blood plasma clinical trials to begin, vaccine development, COVID threatens mountain gorillas and these boots were made for running 2020-04-03

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