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Title Date published
Black in science: The legacy of racism in science and how Black scientists are moving the dial 2021-02-26
Magnetic pole reversals, viruses hunt bacteria, solar powered microflyers, trans people and sexual health, the music of endangered birds and why elliptical orbits? 2021-02-19
Driving a rover on Mars, a stinky romantic gift, coral that can handle bleaching, easy choices aren’t stress free, monkeys ‘self-domesticate’ and unhealthy water holes 2021-02-12
COVID treatments: what have we learned? Breakups change language, algae blooms on Greenland, bats’ impressive flight, amateur astronomers find brown dwarfs and fish in space? 2021-02-05
New climate war tactics, lizard burrows are wildlife condos, sleep lunacy, blind naked mole-rat dialects, male mantises don’t go down easily, and how do astronauts float? 2021-01-29
A pandemic of boredom, dinosaur’s nether regions, a giant telescope on the moon, greenhouse gases and a mussel’s shell game and cancer ‘sleeps through’ chemotherapy 2021-01-22
Introducing: Tai Asks Why Season 3 2021-01-20
Snake lasso climbing, detecting gravitational waves with pulsars, coping with soil compaction, what land should we protect to reach 30% and electric eels hunt in packs. 2021-01-15
COVID-19 and fighting viral evolution, ice-age wolf pup, how jellyfish swim so efficiently and how to do online learning to make education better 2021-01-08
Listener question show — we answer your science questions, like: Where are the missing dinosaurs? Why does cold make you pee? Do insects feel pain? And much more. 2021-01-01
Our producers' favourite stories of 2020. Tickling rats, the power of swearing, amazing awakening, squat don't sit, woodpecker wars and more 2020-12-25
Quirks & Quarks holiday book show. Chance and human evolution, surviving a black hole, new insights about Neanderthals and more... 2020-12-18
Spotting STEVE, superbolts and megaflashes, hyperventilating sober, bees use poop as insect repellent and a spider research and racial equity in science. 2020-12-11
A mysterious light from the universe, undoing cellular aging, feather talking, a smartwatch predicts COVID, the path of the polar bear and moon volcanoes 2020-12-04
Quick tests for COVID, rat hides poison in its fur, neuroscientists see how we see colour, our planet’s climate zones are changing and why the hottest temperatures are in Death Valley 2020-11-27
Microbial mining in space, baby birds get the boot, palm oil substitutes, deep sea squid says ‘g’day’, Canada’s place in space and how do fans make cool air? 2020-11-20
COVID vaccine & immune durability, Wallabies in the UK, ancient female hunters, humans are cooler than we used to be, Herzberg gold medal winner and how old are circadian rhythms? 2020-11-13
Fast radio bursts, monkeys with a puberty switch, black hole at our galaxy’s centre, and forever chemicals 2020-11-06
Wasps make cockroaches into zombies, water on the moon, how remoras surf whales, what Spirit bears do when we aren’t watching, and why hope matters in our environmental crisis and a continental question. 2020-10-30
Ironclad beetle’s uncrushable shell, extinction made us upright and warm blooded, ‘Forever chemicals’ contaminate all of Canada, and a vet takes on great apes 2020-10-23

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