CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks covers the quirks of the expanding universe to the quarks within a single atom... and everything in between.


Title Date published
Trilobite’s last meal, Antimatter falls down, C. difficile in hospitals, African cows and cowboys in the Americas and appreciating ugly babies 2023-09-29
Quirks & Quarks presents White Coat Black Art 2023-09-26
Studying the holes in an asteroid, Great Slave lake life, stone-age wood, finding the right homes for bats, understanding marine heat waves and aurorae on other planets 2023-09-22
Birth of a baby sperm whale, a robot that runs on gas, ship pollution and clouds, octopus’s garden and can we prevent forest fires? 2023-09-15
Our Summer in the Field special: We catch up with Canadian scientists who’ve been exploring the Pacific ocean depths, adventuring in the far north and chasing butterflies on the shores of the great lakes 2023-09-08
Quirks is on Summer Hiatus 2023-06-30
June 24, 2023 Listener Question Show 2023-06-23
Dragging STEM forward, Lucy’s muscles, Canada Jay sibling rivalry, skateboards for preemies and sweet and sour cockroach treats 2023-06-16
Cat contraception, termite air conditioning, octopuses re-engineer their proteins, coral viral infection and bizarre brain behaviour 2023-06-09
Digital spinal prosthetic, ground squirrel hibernation, medium sized black hole, roundworm serotonin map and plastic pollution causes ‘plasticosis’ 2023-06-02
Inducing hibernation with ultrasound, how your diet and your soap attracts mosquitoes, small predators take the wrong refuge and a Ugandan vet walks with mountain gorillas 2023-05-26
Antarctic dinosaur migration, permafrost and pollution, tracking shark births, Moana’s tools, the Pangenome, and Zoonomia mammalian genome projects 2023-05-19
Sharks that hold their breath, 2000 year old condor nest, why deer don’t get Lyme disease, redrawing the motor homunculus and new vaccine technologies for the next pandemic 2023-05-12
Who wore a prehistoric pendant, AI mind reader, the evolution of blinking, Eastern wolves, seeing air pollution from space, air pollution and cancer and where does moon dust come from 2023-05-05
Apples for a warmer world, Rosalind Franklin and DNA, birds’ belly canteen, moustranaut microbiome and Brian Cox on black holes 2023-04-28
Life on the garbage patch, lumpy dark matter formed the visible universe, underwater volcanoes, tadpole’s flexible forms, climate change and Antarctic life, and life with more oxygen. 2023-04-21
AI scientist develops theories, bear hibernation and immobility risks, Canadian astronaut to the moon, Medieval monks moon science, a new view on the womb and the Earth with no moon 2023-04-14
Artificial auroras, home runs and climate change, baby’s first bacteria, math does crowd control, science and storylistening and old books with hidden stories. 2023-04-06

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