Jalen Rose and David Jacoby give the people what they want, breaking down sports and pop culture as only they can.


Title Date published
Episode 8 - BJ Armstrong, Changing Numbers, and Jordan's Best Friend 2020-05-10
Episode Seven - Walking Away, Baseball Journey, and Family Tragedy 2020-05-10
Approaching The Line 2020-05-08
On The Table 2020-05-07
Talking Big 2020-05-06
Move On Up 2020-05-05
Jordan's Impact On Kobe 2020-05-04
Episode Six - The Jordan Rules, Gambling & The Knicks 2020-05-04
Episode Five - Kobe vs. Michael, Dream Team & Why Jordan Chose Nike 2020-05-03
Call It A Comeback? 2020-05-01
The Next Move 2020-04-30
Weighing Options 2020-04-29
In The Feelings 2020-04-28
The Bad Boys Perspective 2020-04-27
Episode Four - Rodman's Return, Tracking Down Phil Jackson & Magic's Embrace 2020-04-27
Episode Three - Rodman's Story and the Return of Pippen 2020-04-27
New Direction 2020-04-24
Draft Night 2020-04-23
Time To Give The People What They Want... 2020-04-22
Jalen & Jacoby are Licensed to Ill 2020-04-21

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