Jalen Rose and David Jacoby give the people what they want, breaking down sports and pop culture as only they can.


Title Date published
Texas-Sized Issues 2020-03-26
Keeping Up 2020-03-25
Socially Awkward Front End 2020-03-23
Called Out 2020-03-20
Real Life 2020-03-20
New Era 2020-03-18
Best Fit For Brady? 2020-03-10
LeBron's MVP Weekend? 2020-03-09
Luka Lights Up Pelicans 2020-03-05
LeBron vs. Zion 2020-03-02
LeBron Load Management, Jerry Jones Shower Thoughts and Luka Turns 21 2020-02-28
Best Team In East, Rockets Rollin' and NFL News 2020-02-27
LeBron's 40-Piece; Bucks Keep Winning 2020-02-26
Embiid Dominates Hawks, Wilder's Wild Claim and Kobe's Legacy 2020-02-25
Trae Young's 50-Piece, Russ Wilds Out, Wilder-Fury Preview 2020-02-21
Should Dak Take Less Money, Is LeBron The MVP and Duke Gets Smacked 2020-02-20
Brees Returns to Saints, Clippers Add Another Piece and Tua To Lions? 2020-02-19
Jacoby Plays at MSG, Joe Burrow's Leverage, MLB Has A Problem 2020-02-18
Celtics and Clippers put on a show, Zion's career high, and the GOAT Dunk Contest 2020-02-14
Last Minute Surprises 2020-02-13

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