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Title Date published
HPR2816: Gnu Awk - Part 14 2019-05-20
HPR2815: Copy pasta 2019-05-17
HPR2814: Spectre and Meltdown and OpenBSD and our future 2019-05-16
HPR2813: Should we dump the linux Desktop. 2019-05-15
HPR2812: Is 5G mobile data a danger to your health? 2019-05-14
HPR2811: Interview with Alan Pope 2019-05-13
HPR2810: Wi-Fi on Android 2019-05-10
HPR2809: The Blue Oak Model License and Its One Big Gotcha 2019-05-09
HPR2808: Haskell function types 2019-05-08
HPR2807: Are bash local variables local? 2019-05-07

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