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Title Date published
SYMHC Classics: John Dee, Her Majesty's Secret Sorcerer 2019-04-20
Bacon's Rebellion, Part 2 2019-04-17
Bacon’s Rebellion, Part 1 2019-04-15
SYMHC Classics: Rosalind Franklin, DNA's Dark Lady 2019-04-13
Stop-motion Animation History With LAIKA Studios 2019-04-10
Baron Franz Nopcsa 2019-04-08
SYMHC Classics: The Battle of Hastings 2019-04-06
Juliette Gordon Low 2019-04-03
The Tiara of Saitaphernes 2019-04-01
SYMHC Classics: Laura Bridgman's Education 2019-03-30
The Life and Disappearance of Ettore Majorana 2019-03-27
6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion 2019-03-25
SYMHC Classics: Emmy Noether, Mathematics Trailblazer 2019-03-23
Fanny Brice, Part 2 2019-03-20
Fanny Brice, Part 1 2019-03-18
SYMHC Classics: Caroline Herschel, Astronomy's Cinderella 2019-03-16
Sappho 2019-03-13
Raphael Lemkin and the Genocide Convention 2019-03-11
SYMHC Classics: Evliya Çelebi, World Traveler and Companion to Mankind 2019-03-09
Transatlantic Cruising Before the Titanic 2019-03-06

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