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Title Date published
Giorgio Vasari 2018-03-07
Phillis Wheatley 2018-03-05
SYMHC Classics: The Red Ghost of Arizona and the U.S. Camel Corps 2018-03-03
Sadako Sasaki’s 1000 Cranes, Part 2 2018-02-28
Sadako Sasaki’s 1000 Cranes, Part 1 2018-02-26
SYMHC Classics: Who was the real Lone Ranger? 2018-02-24
The Last Carolina Parakeet and Other Endlings 2018-02-21
Hawaii's Legend of the Menehune 2018-02-19
SYMHC Classics: Villisca Ax Murders 2018-02-17
Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas 2018-02-14
Pauline Sabin 2018-02-12
SYMHC Classics: Abelard and Heloise 2018-02-10
The Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike 2018-02-07
Aspasia and Pericles 2018-02-05
SYMHC Classics: Double Agent James Armistead and the American Revolution 2018-02-03
Mary-Russell Ferrell Colton 2018-01-31
Anne Lister 2018-01-29
SYMHC Classics: Who was Emanuel Swedenborg? 2018-01-27
The Donation of Constantine 2018-01-24
Rufus Wilmot Griswold 2018-01-22

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