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Title Date published
The Cod Wars 2016-10-03
SLCC Live! Robber's Roost, Outlaw Hideout 2016-09-28
The New Orleans 1900 Race Riot 2016-09-26
SLCC Live! How Historical Fiction Gets Made 2016-09-21
Mary Alice Nelson, aka Molly Spotted Elk 2016-09-19
Live at the DMA: Pierre de Coubertin and the Modern Olympics 2016-09-14
John Brown's Raid on Harpers Ferry 2016-09-12
The Montgolfier Brothers and Their Balloons 2016-09-07
The London Match Girls Strike of 1888 2016-09-05
Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation with John B. King 2016-08-31
Thomas Day’s Quest for the Perfect Wife 2016-08-29
The Boy Jones, After Buckingham 2016-08-24
The Boy Jones, Queen Victoria's Persistent Intruder 2016-08-22
Anglo-Cherokee War 2016-08-17
Anne Bonny & Mary Read 2016-08-15
Yosemite and James Hutchings, Pt. 2 2016-08-10
Yosemite and James Hutchings, Pt. 1 2016-08-08
Bracero Program 2016-08-03
Butter v. Margarine 2016-08-01
Isaac Merrit Singer 2016-07-27

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