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Title Date published
SYMHC Classics: The Flannan Isles Disappearance 2019-01-26
Sushruta, Father of Plastic Surgery 2019-01-23
Teresa Carreño 2019-01-21
SYMHC Classics: Lisztomania 2019-01-19
Sojourner Truth, Pt. 2 2019-01-16
Sojourner Truth, Pt. 1 2019-01-14
SYMHC Classics: The Famous Speech Chief Seattle Never Made 2019-01-12
A Brief History of Ballet, Pt. 2 2019-01-09
A Brief History of Ballet, Pt. 1 2019-01-07
SYMHC Classics: Catherine de' Medici and the Scarlet Nuptials 2019-01-05
Unearthed! in 2018! Part 2 2019-01-02
Unearthed! in 2018! Part 1 2018-12-31
SYMHC Classics: Catherine de' Medici, Italian Orphan 2018-12-29
Unearthed: Francisco Franco 2018-12-26
Christmas Triple-Feature: Stille Nacht, St. Nick & Scrooge 2018-12-24
SYMHC Classics: Charles Dickens Takes America 2018-12-22
Buddy Bolden and the Birth of Jazz 2018-12-19
The Trial of Mary Queen of Scots 2018-12-17
SYMHC Classics: Rival Queens -- Mary Stuart and Elizabeth I 2018-12-15
Interview: Hayley Milliman of Museum Hack 2018-12-12

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