Join Holly and Tracy as they bring you the greatest and strangest Stuff You Missed In History Class in this podcast by HowStuffWorks.


Title Date published
Sarah Emma Edmonds, Civil War Spy 2013-04-29
The Princess who Swallowed a Glass Piano 2013-04-24
Johann Beringer's Fossils 2013-04-22
Loving v. Virginia, Part 2 2013-04-17
Loving v. Virginia, Part 1 2013-04-15
The Story of 'Happy Birthday to You' 2013-04-10
The Origin of Cheeses 2013-04-08
Albert J. Tirrell, the First Sleepwalking Killer 2013-04-03
Australia's Rabbit-proof Fence 2013-04-01
Emu War of 1932 2013-03-29
The Contentious Invention of the Sewing Machine 2013-03-27
The Trial of Goody Garlick 2013-03-25
The Famous Speech Chief Seattle Never Made 2013-03-20
The Life of Johnny Appleseed 2013-03-18
The Voynich Manuscript 2013-03-13
The Mystic Margery Kempe 2013-03-11
The Real Al Swearengen: Part 2 2013-03-06
The Real Al Swearengen: Part 1 2013-03-04
Richard III: Unearthed! 2013-02-27
The Other Pope Benedict Who Resigned 2013-02-25

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