Join Holly and Tracy as they bring you the greatest and strangest Stuff You Missed In History Class in this podcast by HowStuffWorks.


Title Date published
Interview: Hayley Milliman of Museum Hack 2018-12-12
Six Impossible Episodes: Deja Vu in the U.S. and Canada 2018-12-10
SYMHC Classics: Les Filles du Roi 2018-12-08
Nell Donnelly Reed 2018-12-05
The Rise of the Straw Hat and the Riot of 1922 2018-12-03
SYMHC Classics: Philo T. Farnsworth 2018-12-01
Auguste Escoffier 2018-11-28
Friedel Klussmann and San Francisco's Cable Cars 2018-11-26
SYMHC Classics: Cosmetics From Ancient Egypt to the Modern World 2018-11-24
The Mirabal Sisters 2018-11-21
SYMHC Live: The USO and Bob Hope 2018-11-19
SYMHC Classics: Stede Bonnet, the Gentleman Pirate 2018-11-17
Dr. Susan La Flesche Picotte 2018-11-14
Dwight Frye 2018-11-12
SYMHC Classics: Encephalitis Lethargica 2018-11-10
Kristallnacht 2018-11-07
Shirley Chisholm 2018-11-05
SYMHC Classics: 5 Historical Storms 2018-11-03
SYMHC Live: Not Dead Yet - Safety Coffins and Waiting Mortuaries 2018-10-31
Pisadiera & Baba Yaga 2018-10-29

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