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Title Date published
Dr. Livingstone, I presume? 2011-03-23
Lakshmi Bai: Who is India's Joan of Arc? 2011-03-21
Lambert the Pretender, Irish-crowned King 2011-03-16
The Mystery of Saint-Ex: Antoine de Saint-Éxupery 2011-03-14
Don't Cross the Dragon Lady, Cheng I Sao 2011-03-09
The Riotous Life of Caravaggio 2011-03-07
The Best Mardi Gras Ever 2011-03-02
Sarah Breedlove Walker & Sarah Rector: Who was America's first black millionairess? 2011-02-28
How the Stono Rebellion Worked 2011-02-23
Phillip V, Reluctant King 2011-02-21
The Crafts' Escape to Freedom 2011-02-16
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre 2011-02-14
Who was the last French Bourbon? 2011-02-09
How Tulip Mania Worked 2011-02-07
The Last Emperor of Ethiopia 2011-02-02
5 Unlikely Inventors 2011-01-31
Madame de Pompadour and Louis XV 2011-01-26
Hone Heke's Rebellion 2011-01-24
The Affair of the Poisons 2011-01-19
El Dorado and the River of Despair 2011-01-17

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