Join Holly and Tracy as they bring you the greatest and strangest Stuff You Missed In History Class in this podcast by HowStuffWorks.


Title Date published
The Beheading of Sir Walter Raleigh 2018-10-24
Charles Addams, Part 2 2018-10-22
SYMHC Classics: He Was Killed by Mesmerism 2018-10-20
Charles Addams, Part 1 2018-10-17
The Sinking of the SS Princess Sophia 2018-10-15
SYMHC Classics: The House of Worth and the Birth of Haute Couture 2018-10-13
The Allegedly Haunted Island of Poveglia 2018-10-10
Vernon Lee 2018-10-08
SYMHC Classics: The Trial of Goody Garlick 2018-10-06
Alvin York 2018-10-03
Peg Entwistle, Ghost of Hollywood 2018-10-01
SYMHC Classics: Mary Anning, Princess of Paleontology 2018-09-29
Interview: Mindy Johnson and the Women of Disney, Pt. 2 2018-09-26
Interview: Mindy Johnson and the Women of Disney, Pt. 1 2018-09-24
SYMHC Classics: Victoria Woodhull, Little Queen for President 2018-09-22
Magnus Hirschfeld and the Institute for Sexual Science 2018-09-19
SYMHC Live: Anne Royall 2018-09-17
SYMHC Classics: The Radium Girls 2018-09-15
Lady Anne Blunt, Part 2 2018-09-12
Lady Anne Blunt, Part 1 2018-09-10

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