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Title Date published
The Battles of the Pyramids and Nile 2010-08-18
Five Stars of the Wild West 2010-08-16
Catherine the Great in Power 2010-08-11
Catherine the Great's Rise to Power 2010-08-09
Medici Murders and a Basket Baby 2010-08-04
A Crusade Gone Wrong 2010-08-02
Did any Germans resist Hitler? 2010-07-28
Ivan VI: Who was the infant ruler of Russia? 2010-07-26
Why did Henry Ford build a city in the Amazon? 2010-07-21
Burke and Hare, Who Didn't Steal Corpses 2010-07-19
Mad King Ludwig Dines Alone 2010-07-14
Lili'uokalani: Who was the Last Queen of Hawaii? 2010-07-12
Kamehameha The Great 2010-07-07
What really happened on Bloody Sunday? 2010-07-05
Mata Hari, Sinister Salome? 2010-06-30
A Conspiracy Starring Aaron Burr 2010-06-28
How Oscar Wilde Worked 2010-06-23
A Holocaust Story: Hannah Szenes 2010-06-21
Mutiny on the Bounty 2010-06-16
How Tecumseh Worked 2010-06-14

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