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Title Date published
How Tecumseh Worked 2010-06-14
The Bombardment of Baltimore 2010-06-09
Lillie Langtry, The Jersey Lily 2010-06-07
How the Pony Express Worked 2010-06-02
The Emperor Norton Episode: Who was the Emperor of the United States? 2010-05-31
Caligula Disentangled 2010-05-26
Nefertiti and the Heretic Pharaoh 2010-05-24
The Shipwreck that Saved Jamestown 2010-05-19
Simon Bolivar, the Liberator 2010-05-17
A Grim Tale: The Brothers Grimm 2010-05-12
The 47 Ronin and the Samurai's Code 2010-05-10
What is the highest-value art heist in history? 2010-05-05
How Charlie Chaplin Worked 2010-05-03
Catherine de' Medici and the Scarlet Nuptials 2010-04-28
Is there a money pit on Oak Island? 2010-04-26
Catherine de' Medici, Italian Orphan 2010-04-21
The Second Act: Notable Vaudevillians 2010-04-19
Who was Emanuel Swedenborg? 2010-04-14
How Michelangelo Worked 2010-04-12
A Brief History of Vaudeville 2010-04-07

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