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Title Date published
Toussaint L'Ouverture and the Haitian Revolution 2010-01-27
Into the Ghastly Blank with Burke and Wills 2010-01-25
King Porus vs Alexander the Great 2010-01-20
Who would have been the Nazi king? 2010-01-19
Wallis Simpson and the Abdication Crisis 2010-01-13
The Kidnapping of Patty Hearst 2010-01-11
How the Hearst Castle Works 2010-01-06
The Death of Lord Darnley 2010-01-04
The Real Citizen Kane 2009-12-30
The Virgin Queen's Great Love 2009-12-28
What was Saturnalia? 2009-12-23
Bungled Attempts at One-Person Flights 2009-12-21
Rival Queens: Mary Stuart and Elizabeth I 2009-12-16
How the Taiping Rebellion Worked 2009-12-14
Elizabeth The First, Before She Was Queen 2009-12-09
Harry Houdini, Master Mystifier 2009-12-07
How did Meriwether Lewis die? 2009-12-02
Why did Angkor fall? 2009-11-30
How the First Thanksgiving Worked 2009-11-25
How the Opium Wars Worked 2009-11-23

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