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Title Date published
Interview with President Jimmy Carter: Guinea Worm Disease 2009-09-02
How the Newsboy Strike of 1899 Worked 2009-08-31
What happened to Norte Chico? 2009-08-26
Franklin's Lost Expedition 2009-08-24
How Eleanor of Aquitaine Worked 2009-08-19
How Mark Twain Worked 2009-08-17
The Story of Bonnie and Clyde 2009-08-12
The Ghost Dance and Wounded Knee 2009-08-10
How the Sacco and Vanzetti Trial Worked 2009-08-05
Historical Pooches 2009-08-03
Alexander Hamilton vs. Aaron Burr 2009-07-29
How the 1916 Shark Attacks Worked 2009-07-27
The Red Light District of New Orleans 2009-07-22
Malaria and the Panama Canal 2009-07-20
America's Favorite Outlaw: Billy the Kid 2009-07-15
How the Dancing Plague of 1518 Worked 2009-07-13
How the Stonewall Riots Worked 2009-07-08
Duchess of Decadence: Georgiana 2009-07-06
Ghosts of History: The Borley Rectory 2009-07-01
The Amelia Earhart Mystery 2009-06-29

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