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Title Date published
How Easter Island Works 2008-11-26
How the Titanic Worked 2008-11-24
How the French Revolution Worked 2008-11-19
How the Crusades Worked 2008-11-17
What was Australia's Stolen Generation? 2008-11-12
How the Louisiana Purchase Worked 2008-11-10
How Presidential Salaries Work 2008-11-05
How the Swing States Works 2008-11-03
Why did Lady Godiva take a naked horse ride? 2008-10-29
How can a corpse be incorruptible? 2008-10-27
What happened to the lost colony at Roanoke? 2008-10-23
Do political parties influence the First Lady's duties? 2008-10-21
Was an Irish monk the first European to find America? 2008-10-15
How Presidential Pardons Work 2008-10-13
What was America's first terrorist threat? 2008-10-08
Does my vote count? 2008-10-06
Did someone really escape from Alcatraz? 2008-10-01
The History of Presidential Debates 2008-09-29
Did Marie Antoinette really tell French peasants to eat cake? 2008-09-24
How the Symbols of U.S. Political Parties Work 2008-09-22

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