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Title Date published
SYMHC Classics: The Johnstown Flood 2018-07-28
Unearthed! in July, 2018, Part 1 2018-07-25
Author Jason Porath: Tough Mothers 2018-07-23
SYMHC Classics: Gertrude Bell, The Uncrowned Queen of Iraq, Part 2 2018-07-21
Dred Scott vs. Sandford part 2 2018-07-18
Dred Scott vs. Sandford part 1 2018-07-16
SYMHC Classics: Gertrude Bell, The Uncrowned Queen of Iraq 2018-07-14
Libertalia: Legendary Pirate Utopia 2018-07-11
Annie Edson Taylor, Niagara Daredevil 2018-07-09
SYMHC Classics: How the New York Draft Riots Worked 2018-07-07
Emma Lazarus 2018-07-04
Victorian Orchidelirium 2018-07-02
SYMHC Classics: Dr. Virginia Apgar 2018-06-30
Great Train Wreck of 1918 2018-06-27
Elizabeth Jennings Graham 2018-06-25
SYMHC Classics: Mansa Musa and the City of Gold 2018-06-23
Six Impossible Episodes: Evacuating Children 2018-06-20
The Tunguska Event 2018-06-18
SYMHC Classics: Alan Turing, Codebreaker 2018-06-16
Hurricane San Ciriaco 2018-06-13

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